Best Material for Patio Covers: [Comprehensive Guide]


What Is The Best Material For Patio Covers?

Considering that the patio is one of the most popular places for people to spend their time outside, it’s important to make sure you’re using durable material.

What are your options? The short answer is wood or aluminum. Aluminum covers are usually cheaper upfront, but they require more maintenance over time and may not be as aesthetically pleasing as wooden ones.

We’ll go into detail about each type of cover and the advantages and disadvantages in this blog post!

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What Is The Best Material For Patio Covers?

Wood Patio Covers

What Is The Best Material For Patio Covers?
Wood Patio Covers

Wood is the more traditional choice and often has a nice, classic look. It can be stained to any color you want and may require less maintenance than aluminum in some cases because it’s naturally rust-resistant.

However, this natural resistance means that wood covers also need regular oiling treatments to protect against weather damage.

One benefit of choosing wooden patio covers is their customizability; you can choose from several different types of wood depending on your preference for appearance or installation ease (e.g., cedar vs hardwood).

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Advantage Of Wood Patio Covers


Resistant to moisture and UV rays wood patio covers are the perfect material for your outdoor living space.


Many Options Available When it comes to buying a patio cover made from wood there are many options available and the price range is very affordable for most people.

If you live in an area where strong winds or other harsh weather conditions can occur then having your patio covers built with wood may be necessary due to their durability and strength under high wind conditions.

Wooden patio covers have been popular for many years but over time they need to be maintained in order for them to last and look good.

Natural Material

Eco-Friendly Choice. If you are concerned about the environment then wood is a natural material that can provide many options when it comes to patio covers, decks or other areas of your home where you would like an outdoor living space.

It provides a natural look while being eco-friendly at the same time due to its reusability over time.

Wood has been used as a building material since ancient times because of its strength and durability which makes it perfect for creating exterior spaces on your property without compromising on quality or looks.

Disadvantage Of Wood Patio Covers

Poor Quality Materials

The biggest mistake people make when choosing a wooden option for their outdoor living area is using poor-quality materials that will not last.

It is important to take your time when shopping for this type of patio cover and get multiple quotes from local contractors or companies who can provide you with an excellent product without breaking the bank.

Poor Installation Techniques

Wooden patio covers require special techniques in order to be properly installed which most people do not know about.

So they choose a cheap option thinking it’s ok only to find out later on down the road problems began occurring due to incorrect installation methods being used by their contractor or company.

If you are looking into having wooden options for your exterior living spaces then hiring someone with experience is extremely important because wood provides many benefits but also requires professional installations services if done improperly could lead to accidents causing injuries, damage, water leaks inside your home, warping or splitting.

Maintenance Required

Wooden patio covers are beautiful and provide many benefits but they also require maintenance to ensure the longevity of your investment so you do not have to worry about needing to replace them anytime soon.

Aluminum Patio Covers

What Is The Best Material For Patio Covers?
Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum makes an attractive material due to its lightness and durability. However, it is also more expensive than wood and requires a higher level of maintenance in the form of painting or powder coating to prevent corrosion.

Aluminum patio covers can be painted any color you want but they must be done by professionals who understand how aluminum reacts to paint; otherwise, there’s a chance that your cover will crack or bubble!

Another downside is that some people don’t like its smooth texture as much as wooden ones which have an easier grip for moving furniture around on them.

Advantage Of Aluminum Patio Covers

Easy To Install

Because aluminum patio covers are made of thin, flat sheets of metal joined together at the seams with fasteners or connectors that allow you to easily adjust their width and length, they can be installed on virtually any home.

Durable And Affordable

An aluminum patio cover is very durable due to its high resistance to weathering caused by rain, wind, and snow. It’s also affordable if you consider how long it will last for your family once it’s been properly cared for.

Protective Against Insects And Pests

Another advantage of an aluminum patio cover is that unlike other materials such as wood which attracts insects, termites, and rodents because these creatures like to eat wood, aluminum patio covers are naturally pest repellent.

Disadvantage Of Aluminum Patio Covers

We are all aware that aluminum patio covers have many advantages. It is very light, dainty, and durable at the same time.

However it has one disadvantage as well—it can easily get corroded if exposed to humid weather for a long time because of its lower resistance towards corrosion compared to other materials like steel or iron which makes it less desirable in locations where high humidity prevails especially during monsoons.

Other than this, there’s nothing much wrong with using an aluminum cover on your decking area.

But you must remember not to expose your new aluminum-covered decking areas to water directly or indirectly for some days after installation otherwise rust spots develop over the surface rendering them unusable.

Alumawood Patio Covers

What Is The Best Material For Patio Covers?
Alumawood Patio Covers

The use of alumawood for patio covers has been increasing in recent years. This is because it offers a lot of benefits, making it an ideal choice to consider when looking for outdoor structures that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Alumawood can be used as roofing or wall cladding materials especially on patios and gazebos where you need something tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Unlike most other types of materials, this one is flexible so it can easily fit into just about any style desired by homeowners in terms of shapes and colors.

When combined with glass windows, aluminum frames make high-end patio covers that can instantly upgrade your home’s exterior design.

Advantage Of Alumawood Patio Covers

Very Little Maintenance

Aluminum provides a durable material that will last for years, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy snowfall.

Aluminum doesn’t rust like other materials might over time and can be painted in any color desired.

Zero Rust

You also won’t have to worry about rusting since all alumawood coverings used in our products undergo a process called “passivation,” where they are exposed to an ionized salt bath before being coated with a clear baked enamel finish.

The result is a beautiful glossier look that resists ultraviolet rays by up to 98%!

Disadvantage Of Alumawood Patio Covers

Alumawood patio covers tend to be more expensive than those made from steel or aluminum so for this reason, we recommend using these materials instead if you want something with greater durability.

If cost isn’t an issue however then alumawood is definitely worth looking at since it does have some pretty great features which make it stand out against others on the market!

Vinyl Patio Covers

What Is The Best Material For Patio Covers?
Vinyl Patio Covers

Vinyl patio covers are sturdy, durable, and can last for many years. The material is also perfect for the harsh weather conditions where the sun’s heat will be strong throughout the day.

You may have to replace your vinyl cover after a few decades but it would still not cost you as much compared with other materials out there today

Advantage Of Vinyl Patio Covers

Vinyl patio covers are made of thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride. This material is more durable than wood, metal, or fiberglass because it resists rot and corrosion while also being UV resistant to prevent deterioration from sunlight exposure.

Vinyl can be molded into the color you need for your cover while some other materials must be painted after they have been manufactured. It’s easy to clean vinyl with soap and water as well!

The ability of this product to flex makes it great for patios that receive a lot of abuse (such as those on decks), and its lightweight means you won’t break your back trying to install them yourself!

Disadvantage Of Vinyl Patio Covers

Vinyl is the least expensive option available but it also has some major disadvantages that homeowners should consider before making this decision for their home improvement project.

This material cannot stand up very long against strong winds which means it may need to be replaced or repaired just a few years after installation.

Also, while vinyl patio covers are lightweight and easy to install it is actually very difficult for the average person to repair this material without help from a professional.

What Is The Best Wood For A Patio Cover?

If you are looking to have your patio area covered, then this article will help with choosing which type of wood that would be best.

Here are some different types of woods we recommend when it comes to covered patios.

These include cedar, hemlock, redwood, cypress, pressure-treated pine or fir, and ipe/ironwood.

How Long Do Vinyl Patio Covers Last?

Vinyl is an extremely durable material and can stand up to harsh outdoor elements.

Patio covers made from vinyl will typically remain in good condition for 25-50 years or more, depending on their use and exposure to harmful environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, wind storms, etc.

Some homeowners who have a vinyl cover over their deck choose not to replace it due to its excellent durability level.

In those cases, the homeowner may opt instead simply refinish the surface of the original covering with a new layer of paint rather than purchasing a whole new replacement cover.

Is Alumawood Better Than Vinyl?

Alumawood is a lightweight aluminum shingle that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

However, while it contains many of the same benefits as vinyl, what sets Alumawood apart from Vinyl are two significant differences: weight and strength.

While both roofs have similar cost points overall, Alumawood’s lighter weight allows for easier installation on homes with lower roof load specs than can be supported by traditional asphalt shingles


In the end, there is no perfect material for a patio cover. Instead, it’s all about what works best in your area and how much you want to spend.

The material you choose should depend on what is best suited for your purposes. For example, if it’s important that your patio cover withstand extreme weather conditions year-round then metal may be a better option than wood given its durability in colder climates.

On the other hand, if you want something lighter weight with lower installation costs but still need protection against harsh weather conditions then vinyl would likely work well for you!

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