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Welcome to Clever Patio – your number one online hub for everything patio related. Our name encapsulates the creative spirit, intelligent design, and smart solutions that we believe every outdoor space should embody.

Founded in 2014, Clever Patio was born out of an appreciation for the art of creating beautifully functional outdoor spaces. We acknowledge the increasing value homeowners place on their outdoor spaces and our mission is to transform every patio into an inviting oasis of relaxation, entertainment, and comfort.

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At Clever Patio, we cater to all things patio-related – from outdoor furniture recommendations, latest design trends, sustainable practices, to DIY tips and tricks.

Whether you’re looking for the best seasonal plants to brighten your patio or you’re after the latest tech for your outdoor home theater, we’ve got you covered. We also offer how-to guides for maintaining your patio, regardless of the season or climate.

Enjoy exploring our website, and remember: every patio has the potential to be a Clever Patio.

Bob Vil

Bob Vil

Writer and Editor

Bob Vil, a seasoned patio enthusiast, and the author behind the informative, engaging content on our patio website, and has a degree in Civil Engineering (BSCE).

With over a decade of experience designing, building, and maintaining patios, fire pits, and porches, Bob Vil is an expert in all things outdoor living. You can follow me on Pinterest

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