What Does Porch Pickup Mean? [Be Careful]



Most purchases may be completed via porch pick up if you’re selling less costly goods.

What Does Porch Pickup Mean?

You leave the object on your porch. You also provide a location for payment. They collect the item and leave the money. The deal is done!

The term is most often used in online marketplace discussions. It frequently causes confusion between buyers and sellers.

What Does Porch Pickup Mean

Sometimes, it’s the only option a seller provides for payment or pick up. In other cases, it’s a method by which both parties have agreed to do business.

In each of the examples below, Porch Pickup is being used as a payment/collection option by both parties:

A buyer wants to buy an item from a seller who does not accept PayPal or credit cards. The two agree that the buyer will leave cash on the porch in an envelope marked with the item name and price .

When this happens, one party has chosen Porch Pickup because they don’t want to use another available payment option such as PayPal or a credit card.

A seller wants to sell an expensive item and requests that the buyer pay with PayPal. The two parties discuss and agree on a higher price than normal because they would like to use Porch Pickup as their payment and collection option .

What Does Porch Pick Up Mean On Facebook?

Some people prefer to do porch pick up for items under $10, which means the seller places the item in a bag on the front porch, along with something for the buyer to leave the money in.

What is PPU on Marketplace, for example? PPU stands for pending pick up and is commonly used on reselling sites like Craigslist. It’s used to indicate that, while a buyer has been promised an item, if they do not pick it up, it will be resold.

Is Porch Pickup Secure?

It’s a good deal safer than selling to a total stranger. You don’t need to let anyone into your home who you’re not sure about.

They’ll leave the money for you through this agreed location without you having to be present. The only drawback is that they will have access to your address .

It might make it easier for them if they never intended on paying! In case of fraud , you could actually lose out, even though there are no legal requirements for payment in most residential areas.

That makes the genius behind services like Porch Pickup attractive to users and merchants alike! On top of that, shoppers know their personal information is safe as well since they do not have to provide it untile they are ready to pay for the goods.

Facebook Porch Pick Up Policy


1. Posting a Porch Pick Up item:

Sellers MUST include the area/neighborhood the item is to be picked up. I mark all my items “Old Hwy 70 Alexandria” so buyers can decide if the item is worth the drive. Be clear. (And remember that porch pickups are not allowed out of the WAS area unless they fit our requirements for out of area sales.

Don’t be sneaky. If we get a report of *required* porch pickups out of the area seller may be removed. It IS ok to offer it as an option, as long as the seller is clear that it is out of area and also willing to meet inside the area.)

Be sure to spell out the words PORCH PICK UP on your post and please do NOT use the abbreviation “PPU” as this actually means “Pending Pick Up.” Make sure you’re using the proper terminology!-Always communicate the pickup address and other private info through Private Message. Be sure the buyer will know where to find the item and where to leave the money.

2. Buying a Porch Pick Up item:

After commenting interested, send the seller a private message indicating when you would like to pick up. If the seller doesn’t communicate where to find the item and where to leave money, ask for that information.

If you forget to pick up an item or if something changes and you need to pick up on a different day, immediately contact the seller and make new arrangements that day.

3. Porch pick-up NO SHOWS:

With a porch pickup buyers should be allowed a DAY on which they can come by and pick up. If they miss that pickup they have until the end of that day to arrange another pick up day (which should be the very next day whenever possible, as the point here is to sell things QUICKLY!)

If a buyer does not pick up an item on the day that is set and does not contact the seller that same day, the next morning the seller may bump their item as “Still Available” or move on to the next interested buyer.

If the seller who missed their pickup would like another shot they must say Interested again and accept their spot at the end of the line.

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