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Keep Patio Cushions From Blowing Away

Patio cushions can look great when they are sitting on your patio, but the wind is often the enemy of outdoor furniture.

If you want to keep them from blowing away every time a gust blows through your yard, there are several ways you can accomplish this task. Unfortunately, it does not come easy for everyone so here are some tips that may help.

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Ways To Keep Patio Cushions From Blowing Away

There is nothing worse than having your patio cushions blow away. It not only takes a lot of time and energy to try and find them, but they also tend to end up in the neighbor’s yard.

There are some things you can do to prevent this from happening, with little effort on your part:


The most effective way of keeping your patio cushions from blowing away is by using Velcro.

I simply cut six pieces of 1-inch wide by 1-inch long strips and attach one strip to the cushion and the other to the patio furniture.

All you need is some Velcro and a little sewing know-how to stop your cushion from sliding off and blowing away.

With a small piece of heavy-duty velcro to hold it down, then sandwich another piece of velcro between the armrests placing them along the sides. Then using double-sided tape tack down all four edges of your new cover, or if you prefer sew them on.


I used “Aleene’s Tacky glue” for this project and It works great and is washable.

Now flip over your pillow and attach the other half of the velcro to that side securing around your entire chair. But if you prefer to sew it, go ahead.

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Decorative Rocks

Placing decorative rocks on top of individual patio cushions helps keep them in place during high winds.

Bungee Cord

Bungee cords are a good example of straps that can be used with almost any type of chair cushion.

These chords will be able to tighten themselves up after being stretched out and attached around the legs of your chairs; providing tension that allows the chord to hold on tightly to whatever it is wrapped around, including patio cushions.

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Zip Ties

Try some zip ties Zip ties are another option for securing patio cushions to your chairs. They are just as effective as Velcro or bungee chords, but the difference with zip ties is that there is no need to fasten them down in order to keep them in place.

With Velcro and bungee chords, you will have to find a way of holding each end in place so it doesn’t slip off if your cushion gets caught by the wind; which can be challenging when trying not to trip over the ends of the chords.

But zip ties don’t require any sort of fastening because they tighten themselves down after being looped around something (e.g., chair legs)

Use a Weighted Tarp or Shade Sail

If you don’t want to spend any money on this solution then there is always a tried and tested way of weighing down your patio cushions, using a tarp or shade sail weighted down with bricks or other heavy objects.

Your patio chairs should have pockets that the cushions can be jammed into, so get a tarp/shade sail and place the bricks along the bottom. Then lay the tarp over your patio chair and cushion to weigh it down nicely.

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Patio Cushion Clips And Anchors

Another way to prevent patio cushions from blowing away (and also keep them in place) is by using clips or anchors.

These simple devices can be purchased in stores and are typically used for this purpose when buying patio furniture, but they may not always be added to outdoor cushions when they are purchased separately.

By adding several clamps around the edge of any cushion, homeowners can ensure the wind will not just blow the material off the base.

Different types of clips are available, most of which simply require being twisted into position after inserting into holes that have already been drilled into patio furniture.

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Finally, you could consider using twine or rope. This can actually increase the likelihood of wind getting underneath them because it creates an extra surface area that will catch against any surrounding objects.

Including other types of furniture that have been covered with plastic protectors to keep it dry during harsh weather conditions.

However, do not attempt this method if the patio cushions are very heavy because the weight could tear them apart and cause even more damage.

Twine or rope is much better for lighter outdoor cushions, but it should still only be used sparingly and tied around the real area of each cushion – not the entire thing individually.

How do you keep patio cushions in place?

Patio Cushion can be fixed to the cushions with a strip of velcro tape. In order to fix them first, attach two 10-15cm strips of velcro tape vertically around the outside edge of both sides of the cushion cover and then one or two horizontally inside it.

Make sure that the fuzzy side goes on top as an adhesive surface. Also, make sure there is at least a 1-2 centimeter gap between all three strips so they don’t stick to each other.


The best option to stop your patio cushion from blowing away is by using Velcro.

Follow the steps that I have given and your patio cushion will be secure from the wind and even prevent it from sliding off.


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