[7 STEPS] How To Start A Fire Pit With Firewood


How To Start A Fire Pit With Fire Wood

Do you love spending time in the evening around a fire pit with your friends? Starting a fire in a fire pit is easy and can be done by anyone.

This article will give insights on how to start a fire in a fire pit that will bring home the warmth of being near the coals, where you can keep your family and friends close.

How To Start A Fire Pit With Fire Wood

Before starting your fire, take note of your surroundings and make sure that you are in compliance with the local fire code and HOA covenants.

Before starting your fire, take note of your surroundings and make sure that you are in compliance with the local fire code and HOA covenants.

To start a fire pit with firewood, be sure you have the right materials on hand: tinder, kindling, and some larger sticks are ideal. You also need something to start the fire, whether that is a match or a lighter.

TIP: We recommend log tongs and heat-resistant gloves- fire safety is paramount for tending the fire pit.

How To Start A Fire Pit With Fire Wood

1) If using a free-standing fire pit find a flat surface that is level and will not burn if the embers touch it (the ground). If necessary, clear an area of debris and flammable materials until you find such a spot.

2) Gather up some tinder from your surroundings- dry leaves work well for this purpose because they are light and fluffy- but any kind of dry plant material should do.

You may also use scraps of paper or cloth if you have no other options available to you at the time.

3) Stack up the tinder in the center of your fire pit and pile on one or two sticks that are arm’s length long.

4) If you are using dry leaves, use one stick for each pile of tinder. If you have scraps of paper or cloth to work with, place the first about 18 inches from your stack and then another at arm’s length away (about three feet in total).

That way if it goes out quickly- which is quite likely- you can always reach out and grab the second.

5) If there is any kindling available, add a few sticks to get things going faster. Otherwise, just use arm’s length pieces of wood that will be easy for you to ignite with smaller fire-starting resources (e.g., matches or lighter).

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6) Light the tinder with an ignition source like matches or a lighter.

7) When the kindling is burning, put one piece of seasoned or kiln-dried firewood on top. Keep adding logs to feed the fire until you’re satisfied with its size.

A pyramid shape log configuration works very well.

8) Add logs to the fire whenever it begins to burn out—though be careful since you might knock sparks out of a safe area and into other combustibles.

How To Start A Fire Pit With Fire Wood

What Is Firewood Tinder?

Firewood Tinder is a waterproof material made of fine, dry fibers that resemble felt.

The term “tinder” comes from the Old English word for combustible matter: tænde (to set on fire).

There are many different types of tinder available in modern times, but traditionally fire pits, campers, and hikers relied on natural materials like bark shavings or cedar which could be easily ignited with friction to start fires.

Firewood Tinder can also refer to any small portion of kindling wood that has been collected into a pile; these would typically have three or four pieces stacked together vertically in order to keep them as compact as possible to be ignited quicker.

What Is Firewood Kindle?

Firewood kindling is the smaller pieces of wood used to start a fire. It can be made from scrap lumber or pine cones and other natural materials that will readily ignite when burned in an open flame.

Other forms of kindling may include paper, corrugated cardboard, dried leaves, or twigs – though these should never be used indoors as they don’t burn hot enough for use with most conventional heating appliances.

Kindling is typically found next to fireplace logs on store shelves at home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s but it might also need to purchase separately at outdoor shops like REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated).

What Is Klin-dried Firewood?

Klin-dried firewood is a method of drying wood in which the logs are cut into smaller pieces that can be stacked.

This reduces air space between the pieces and speeds up the process, as it makes for quicker evaporation. It also allows you to dry more wood at one time than with traditional log splitting methods.

Klin-dried firewood will typically burn longer in your fire pit than other types because there’s less moisture left inside when they’re done drying them.

So if you have an area where rainwater would otherwise create dampness in your fire pit, this type of dried firewood could keep things cleaner and drier overall.

How To Start A Fire Pit With Fire Wood

Types Of Firestarter’s To Use For Your Fir pit

The type of firestarter you use for your firepit will depend on the size and design of the firepit. Here are some types that may work well:

Sulphur matchsticks

These matches have been dipped in sulfur so when you strike them against a rough surface they burst into flame.

They are great for starting any kind of fire but work very well with paper and wood because the sulfur produces lots of heat and it doesn’t need to be soaked in lighter fluid like other types.

Normal Matches

Matches provide an easy way to get things started with lots of options as far as how long their heads burn before they are used up.

You can find matches that will last for fifteen seconds or thirty minutes, depending on what type of fire you’re trying to start.


Basic disposable lighters or a less expensive, BIC-type lighter might best be used for situations where you want to avoid sparking your clothes in windy conditions.

Plasma Beam Lighters

Personally, I prefer an option like an electric arc or a butane torch lighter for lighting the campfire. Both types work well under any circumstances and won’t break the bank.

( $12.88 On Amazon)

If buying electric arc-type lighters, you should buy the lower end of the price scale and look for multipacks.

Treat them as a one-time use disposable product, because that’s what they are.

If that doesn’t work for you like a fire pit firestarter, using a butane torch lighter can get the job done efficiently.

Unfortunately, most butane torch lighters on the market are also on the cheap side so it is best to avoid them.

The best butane lighter I found to start a fire pit fire was this one made by Dremel.

This Dremel 9-piece accessory kit and 2-year warranty make this home tool a must-have for lighting your fire pit.

How do you light a fire pit with logs?

How do you light a fire pit with logs? You will need enough kindling to start the fire and then wood that is just as dry.

Gather all of your fuel for lighting your fire, now place it in close proximity to the log-lined pit area.

Now take two pieces of cut-up newspaper and crumple them into loose balls.

Take one ball of paper, hold it firmly by its top edge (where you would fold down), and whip it back and forth over an open flame until there’s a good amount of lit sparks on one side–like from a lighter or match.

Then quickly hold this piece of paper near the pile without actually touching anything but making sure that every part has contact with some burning embers.

Catch the flame on the paper in this pile of kindling and slowly let it burn down to a small smoldering fire.

Can You Use Pine For Firewood In A Fire Pit?

Yes, there are a few benefits to burning pine as firewood for your fire pit. Pine burns quickly, so it is good kindling when starting the faster-burning woods.

Pine also smells great while burning, which may augment the ambiance of an outdoor fireplace. Ask about labeling on trees before purchasing wood.

Should I Put Sand In The Bottom Of My Fire Pit?

If you want your fire pit to remain pristine, it is important to use sand. Sand effectively absorbs heat and distributes the heat in a more even way than if there were no sand at all.

Sand also helps better protect the metal bowl because of its insulating quality.

How To Put Out A Fire Pit Fire?

Every year, there are many household accidents involving people starting their own fires in their backyards or even on balconies at night.

These types of accidental blazes can be dangerous not only because they’re uncontrolled and pose an immediate risk to your home but also because they may spread into other areas that surround them.

Let It Burn Out

When you are done stop adding wood to the fire so it can burn out by its self.


To get the embers wet, pour water on the embers, stir them with a shovel or other similarly shaped object until the fire is completely out.


Using sand to extinguish the fire is also a great way. Pour the sand on the fire to smother it, but make sure that all the embers are covered, even the ones on the side of the fire pit.


A fire pit is a great way to bring people together and enjoy the outdoors. A successful fire starts with good wood, so be sure you have enough of it on hand for your occasion.

ou want to make sure that there are at least three pieces of dry kindling in addition to some small logs for fuel.

Ideally, these should all come from different tree species or they will not ignite easily when burned together. If you don’t know what type of wood works best as kindling, use pine needles!

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