Do Wind Chimes Keep Birds Away? [BEST OPTIONS]


Wind chimes may deter some types of birds but attract others; they can be effective in certain areas and ineffective in others, and different chime designs will have varying effects as well.

The answer to this question is not so simple. Some people say that wind chimes work, while others disagree and claim there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims.

The truth about wind chimes and birds seems to depend on the situation.

Do Wind Chimes Keep Birds Away

Will Wind Chimes Keep Birds Away?

This is a question that many homeowners ask when they want to keep birds away from their backyard or off their patio.

Some birds will be afraid of wind chimes at first, but most will quickly get used to them and show no fear once they’ve adapted. Having said that, how the birds react depends on the type of wind chime you install and how you install it.

If you live in the country, there are plenty of things that can be used to scare away pesky birds and other wildlife.

However, it’s not as easy for those who live in town or near residential areas because these animals may already associate the sound with shelter and food.

Some wind chimes make a much louder, more startling sound, which is more likely to startle the birds. Other wind chimes, with their sweet twinkling music, may attract birds. This Amazon (affiliate link) wind chime has a birdhouse built on top, and reviewers say the birds love it.

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Wind Chimes and Noise Disturbance

Some people like wind chimes because they make a pleasant noise when the air blows through them. However, many people find their sounds annoying or distracting, especially at night; others complain that the constant chiming disturbs pets who bark whenever they hear it.

If keeping birds away with high-frequency sounds makes sense to you, think about whether any other animals might be bothered by this type of repellant as well before installing it in your yard.

Wind Chimes and Birds

Although some bird species have been shown to avoid wind chimes, there is no scientific evidence that this works for all types of birds or even a majority of them.

In fact, many people wonder if the sound merely attracts more birds because they think it means food might be nearby.

If you want to try using wind chimes as bird repellants on your property, do so with caution instead of assuming that they will work without question—others may not appreciate loud noises coming from your home at night when most animals are active anyway!

If any other type of animal has become accustomed to entering an area where you install wind chimes overnight, consider moving the device elsewhere or using a different type of deterrent.

Wind Chimes and Pets

If you own pets, take time to think about whether the chiming of your wind chime might bother them or make them excited.

The sound may be particularly disruptive if it is loud enough during the day—animals that are already easily disturbed may become agitated when they hear this noise for hours at a time.

Some cat owners have even reported having cats attack their outdoor wind chimes in an attempt to silence them!

Whether you choose to buy bird deterrent equipment like fake owls (Found HERE) instead of using high-frequency devices remains up to you—just make sure that your pets and other animals are not exposed to any unnecessary stress as a result of the decision.

Types Of Wind Chimes That Will Keep Birds Away

There are many different types of wind chimes that have been designed to scare away birds.

If you happen to own a bird feeder, then it is important to get rid of the birds who come over for their free lunches.

A lot of owners will use this type of product in order to keep the area around their feeders clean and clear from pesky avians all year round.

Below are some examples of how they work:

Reflective Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are the best option for keeping birds away from your patio, porch, or backyard. Their reflective surfaces will reflect birds away because it confuses them and causes them to avoid your yard altogether.

Found Here

These types of chimes can be hung on any type of patio, porch, or fence that is close enough for the noise caused by the wind passing through these devices to reach into an area where you do not want birds hanging around anymore.

Noisemakers Wind Chimes

These kinds of chime devices make plenty of noise when there are strong gusts blowing past them.

Found HERE

They are very similar in style and structure to the reflective chimes mentioned above, but they have a completely different purpose of scaring away animals instead of simply causing noise pollution for aesthetics or fun purposes.

Spinner Wind Chimes

These devices are meant to spin around in the wind and create a visual that scares away birds.

They produce no noise, but they offer plenty of movement that birds will avoid because it looks like something dangerous is moving towards them.

In fact, some homeowners have even had success with putting up fake owls near their property lines or on poles where rotating chimes cannot reach from afar.

These kinds of spinner devices can be very decorative too depending upon what materials you choose to buy (Found Some Spinner Chimes HERE)

You may wish to consider buying several of these kinds of chimes to hang up in several different spots around your property, especially if there are various types of trees or plants that birds like hanging out near.

Do Wind Chimes Bother Birds?

Wind chimes can be a nice addition to your lawn or garden, but they may not be so nice for the birds living in those areas.

Some people believe that wind chimes are a huge annoyance and disturbance to birdlife because of their constant noise.

If you don’t want to disturb birds with wind chimes here how:

  1. Avoid gusty areas 
  2. Keep chimes small 
  3. Let the birds adjust

1. One solution is hanging your wind chime away from their nesting area altogether! If you decide to hang up your beautiful creation near bird nests, make sure it’s far enough away so the birds won’t feel threatened when they hear the sounds around them; at least 30 feet should do the trick!

2. Avoid gusty areas such as patios and porches where breezes are likely to whip through trees or plants nearby can help soften some of those piercing tones.

3. Wind chimes made out of aluminum or copper tend to be less irritating than those that are made from metal alloys and steel, which can jangle more loudly when the wind blows through them.

It may take a little time for birds to get used to the sound; some might even begin singing along!

4. Choose windchimes with flat, broad surfaces and low tones that will blend in more easily than high-pitched ones such as bells or triangles.

Do Windchimes Scare Hummingbirds Away?

It’s a simple idea: hang windchimes from your feeder, and birds won’t come near.

Well… it does work for some people. But not others. For those who have experienced success with this method, we wanted to know why!

So we did some research and interviewed birders about their experiences. The following is what we learned….

Wind chimes do seem to scare off the most persistent of hummers – like Anna’s Hummingbirds or Allen’s hummingbirds. However, there are other species who just don’t mind them as much – such as Ruby-throated Hummingbird s or Calliope Hummingbirds.

It’s also possible that they just don’t notice the sound of them at all, because their ears are so much higher than ours!

Do Wind Chimes Keep Pigeons Away?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that suggests this works one way or the other but some people believe that hanging certain metal alloy compositions can work as a form of noise pollution for birds looking to come into your area; which makes sense if you’re trying to get rid of pigeons who enjoy making homes around humans!

Will Wind Chimes Keep Woodpeckers Away?

Woodpeckers will not be deterred by wind chimes. This is because woodpecker pecks are frequently found at the tree’s highest points, where it would be difficult to hang wind chimes.

Wind chimes are not typically loud enough to scare woodpeckers away.


Some species of birds may be deterred by wind chimes, while others may be attracted; they can be beneficial in some regions and unhelpful in others, depending on the type of chime used.

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