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Can You Put A Gas Fire Pit On An Outdoor Rug?

Finding the perfect outdoor rug can be a long and arduous task. You need to find something that will not only look good in your space but also stand up to the elements.

So when you see the perfect rug, it’s tempting to just buy it without considering whether or not you can actually put a fire pit on top of it!

When you are setting up an outdoor fire pit, it is important to make sure that the area underneath the fire is safe.

Not only will something catch on fire if not properly cared for, but there could be damage done to your deck or patio as well.

This article discusses how to find an appropriate outdoor rug for areas with fire pits so you don’t have any unnecessary risks!

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Can You Put A Gas Fire Pit On An Outdoor Rug?

Yes. Propane gas fire pits are generally safe to use on flammable surfaces such as outdoor rugs because the heat does not radiate into the ground. However, not all propane fire pits are the same, and extreme caution should be exercised when placing a propane fire pit on an outdoor rug.

The heat of the fire pit can damage your carpet fibers, which will deteriorate its appearance and affect its durability over time.

Can You Put A Wood Fire Pit On An Outdoor Rug?

No. You should never put a wood fire pit on an outdoor rug because it can be dangerous and unsafe. If there is too much heat coming from the flame or logs of wood around your fire pit the outdoor carpet could catch fire.

The only type of carpet/mat that should be placed under a fire pit is a fire-resistant or fireproof one.

Firepit pads are the perfect solution to protect your flooring from heat damage. Firepit mats are manufactured with 100% fireproof materials and are phthalate-free.

Is An Outdoor Patio Rug Safe Under A Gas Fire Pit?

You can use an outdoor rug under a gas fire pit if it has these three factors: flammability, ignition temperature, and melting point.

The first factor is whether or not your particular type of rug will catch on fire easily when exposed to heat from the flames.

Ignition temperature refers to how hot it needs to be in order for something like fabric or paper to ignite into flame while its melting point tells you what happens when things get too hot; they melt!

Most outdoor rugs have at least two of those characteristics so buying one should work just fine unless you happen upon one that’s highly flammable or melts quickly once heated and melt the rug.

Are Outdoor Rugs Flammable?

Outdoor rugs made from polypropylene or synthetic material are extremely flammable and you should do your best not to have them anywhere near any kind of open flame or firepit!

Be sure to check the material of any outdoor rugs you are considering purchasing before bringing them home. You don’t want anything too dangerous near your BBQ or firepit.

Do You Need A Mat Under a Gas Fire Pit?

It is not a necessity to have a mat under your gas fire pit but if but it’s recommended if you want to protect the floor that the fire pit is standing on.

Some people choose not to put a rug under their outdoor gas fire pit because they are worried that it may catch fire or get ruined by being too close to the flame, but this does not have to be true if you use the right type of mat for your needs.

An outdoor area rug or garden mat can serve as ideal protection between your patio areas and your new gas fire pit.

Outdoor mats sold at most home improvement stores will do just fine as a protective layer

What Should You Put Underneath an Outdoor Fire Pit?

It is important to consider what you will be placed under your outdoor fire pit. When choosing materials, it’s best that they are able to withstand the heat of a fire and also stay in place.

Below are some options for consideration:

  1. Firepit mat
  2. Firepit heat shield
  3. Bricks
  4. Tiles

1. Firepit Mat

A firepit mat is a good choice for protecting your deck or patio from the heat of an outdoor firepit. The top has some cushioning and insulating properties, so it won’t damage the surface underneath, but you can still enjoy sitting around your fire pit as much as possible.

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2. Firepit Heat Shield

One of the biggest issues that arise when using an outdoor fire pit is preventing a burn through underneath from hot coals or from the flame itself.

This can be prevented by purchasing a fire pit heat shield which will help dissipate the heat and prevent it from damaging surfaces underneath.

If you have a wooden deck, stone patio, or even grass, placing a metal firepit heat shield will not only protect your investment but give you peace of mind while enjoying the flames.

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3. Bricks

Bricks are cheap, easy to install (some come with mesh or plastic spacers that keep the bricks off the ground), and stackable for easy storage during winter months.

They’re also aesthetically pleasing; if you maintain them properly they can last decades. Some people also believe that there is more depth to the way the fire looks when surrounded by stone versus setting on top of logs/wood embers.

4. Tiles or Slates

Tiles or slate make for a far simpler fire pit experience as these surfaces are designed to handle the high temperatures of fire pits and won’t crack or break like a traditional brick.

An outdoor fire pit with your choice of tile is also easier to clean. And unlike brick, you don’t need to worry about it chipping or breaking since there is no mortar holding it together.

With a tile surround, you can avoid unsightly black soot on your patio floor from burnt wood and coals, which is common with a firepit.


When choosing an outdoor rug for your fire pit it’s important to remember that rugs with synthetic materials are not recommended because they will melt and release toxic fumes when exposed to heat.


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