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Guidelines for Article Submission

  • Kindly go through our blogs and submit 3 best headline ideas for your proposed guest posts.
  • We will choose a topic from your given suggestions and you can start writing thereafter.
  • Use Google docs to submit your drafts as it is easier for our editors to provide feedback directly on your draft.
  • Send us a copy that’s easier to read.
  • Submit a summary (two sentences), author byline, author bio, author photo. We’d love to add your social media handles too.

What Are We Looking For?

  • We welcome creative, 100% original, well-researched content with actionable tips. So, when you are pitching your ideas to us, make sure you mention how it fills our requirements.
  • Posts must not be written in an overly salesy or promotional tone. We reserve the right to reject any post that does not conform to our guidelines.
  • Write in your voice. We’d love your distinct opinion on the topic.
  • Your blogs should be at least 800 words long, most are in the 800-1200 range.
  • Any claim you make must be backed by links to research. Use primary sources only and they should not be 1-1.5 years old. However, make sure they aren’t our competitors’.
  • Try to explain with examples or case studies, and add relevant images to illustrate your point, wherever possible. We do not entertain stock photos, as they do not add any value.
  • Use proper formatting: titles, H1, H2, and H3 tags as required.

Who Can Write for Us?

  • We accept Professional Writers, Startup Companies, Bloggers, Founders, CEOs, CTOs, and Creators who are masters in their respective fields.

How to Get Your Post Accepted?

  • Your blogs should be unique, and provide tactical insights based on your real-world expertise; we give preference to articles that offer guidance, experiences, how-tos, innovations, and success stories, over others.

Will Your Submissions Be Edited?

  • We only accept readable and clean copies. If yours doesn’t match our standards, we reserve the right to decline the submission. However, for small changes, we may have some follow-up questions, which we will be happy to discuss with the author.
  • Once we publish your article, we will send an acknowledgement email with your article link.

Can You Submit Your Blog Elsewhere?

  • No. All drafts for Clever Patio must be exclusive, meaning it cannot appear anywhere else.

What Is the Approval Time?

  • We’re excited that you want to write for us. But we experience a heavy volume of new applications and replies may not be immediate. Therefore, please be patient with us.
  • If we reject your idea this time, please do not shy away from trying again.

How Many Links?

We only accept one outbound link to your website.

Ready to Write?

Submit your topic idea and if we think it’s the right fit, we’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps soon.

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