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Patio awnings are not for everyone. They can be expensive, and many people might feel that the investment is unnecessary.

But there are plenty of other benefits to patio awnings that make them worth the cost! There are also some cons to these structures, which you should know about before making your decision.

Read on to find out if patio awnings are worth it or not in your situation!

What Is A Patio Awning?

Patio awnings are temporary structures built onto patios (covered porches) and decks (wooden platforms attached directly to homes). They typically hang from above but may also attach to the side of homes if they are large enough.

Types of Patio Awnings

  • Manuel Retractable Awning
  • Motorized Retractable Awning
  • Fixed Awning
Are Patio Awnings Worth It?

Are Patio Awnings Worth It?

Yes definitely. Patio awnings are one of the best-selling accessories to many households, these days. It’s an accessory that provides style and comfort to any outdoor space.

This is why it is typically one of the first things people purchase when they want to improve their yard or garden.

Advantage Of A Patio Awning

1. Provides Shade

During hot summer months, there is nothing more annoying than sitting under the scorching heat of the sun.

The great thing about modern-day patio awnings is that they provide shade during summertime immediately after they’re installed onto your patio.

2. Allows Air Pass Through

The main advantage that comes with installing this patio accessory is it allows air to pass through, which means there’s little to no chance of your outdoor space getting suffocated as the days go by.


3. Provides an Instant Upgrade

If you’re planning on making upgrades in your backyard, you should know that patio awnings are one of those easy and affordable ways to instantly update your outdoor space without doing too much work.

Installing these accessories will take only a couple of hours and yet they can provide so many benefits which are why they’re worth it!

4. Protects Patio Furniture

They protect your furniture and other items from harsh weather

Disadvantage Of A Patio Awning

There are some disadvantages that come with patio awnings. Here’s why these structures might not be worth it for you!

  • They can be expensive
  • You have to put up with the appearance of awnings, which might not fit your style preferences.
  • Sunlight still gets through some types of patio awnings.

How To Choose A Patio Awning?

Patio awnings are available in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to keep your personal preferences, aesthetics, and home design in mind before choosing one.

Patio awnings are available in both manual and motorized versions so it’s important to know which one would work best for you before making any decisions.

Some homeowners actually decide on using several different types of coverings all at once because there are different benefits associated with each type.

Consider how much work they will save over the course of their lifetime compared with other options available on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay too.

Here are some things you should think about:

1. Sun & Weather Protection

You might be looking for a permanent or temporary shade solution depending on your climate and the way you use your patio.

Permanent awnings offer superior protection but don’t always work well with home designs, especially since they can block windows!

Temporary options such as clear umbrellas provide great versatility for all different conditions.

2. Size

Large awnings provide more shade, but may also block windows and doors which can limit access to your patio depending on where it’s located.

Smaller versions are great for creating extra space indoors or outdoors without blocking too much natural light.

3. Materials

You can choose between fabric, solid wood, or metal awnings. Fabric options provide the most versatile solutions for accommodating different tastes and home styles, but also require more work to maintain than solid wood designs.

4. Easy Installation

Most manufacturers provide step-by-step installation guides for their products so you won’t have any trouble putting them up on your own!

There are also installation services available if you want professional assistance when it comes to adding patio awnings to your home.

5. Highly Durable

Patio covers can take all kinds of weather conditions without showing too much wear and tear! These products will stay in great shape for many years, which means you’ll get plenty of value from them.

Are Patio Awnings Worth It?

What is the point of an awning?

The purpose of an awning is multifold: They protect against rain, snow, sun-glare, wind damage, and other undesirable weather elements. Additionally, it can add an interesting aesthetic value to your home.

Awnings come in all shapes and sizes (and colors) and they serve multiple purposes such as providing homeowners with much-needed shade from the hot sun during summer months.

Patio awnings cover their decks and patios to provide extra space for entertaining guests or simply giving commercial businesses an edge when it comes to drawing in potential customers.

Do Awnings Increase Home Value?

Yes. There is no denying that the value of your home will be increased by adding a new awning. Adding an awning to your home will increase a home’s value because it increases its functionality.

A building is worth more with a use than without one, so it follows that adding a function to a building will increase its value.

When you go out to sell a home, one of the first things potential buyers will look at is your home’s curb appeal. What makes your house stand out from the rest?

A well-installed awning can be just what you need to make it more inviting and engaging.

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Are Awnings Outdated?

You might be surprised at how popular they still are, and how much more choice we now have when it comes to awnings.

Once upon a time, having an open-air flat was the height of luxury. Awnings were the perfect way to keep that fresh breeze coming in but also shade against those bright summer suns.

But as we slowly moved indoors and got rid of our balconies, many people assumed awnings fell out of fashion too.

It seems like there’s no place for them anymore – especially with so many great new technologies invented over the years such as blackout blinds and automatic window openers!

Do Awnings Really Work?

Yes. Awnings are designed to protect windows and doors from the sun’s heat just like sunscreen protects our skin, but because they’re made of fabric, they can also bring style to your home too!

The reason for this is that manufacturers today have moved away from “flat” awnings that were once popular, to more modern styles with impressive patterns and colors that will turn any property into an architectural beauty.

Why Are Awnings So Expensive?

As one of the most important, useful, and common pieces of outdoor furniture you could buy, it’s surprising to learn that custom awnings are costly to purchase. This is especially true if you compare them to other outdoor furnishings like pergolas or even gazebos.

The reason that they can be expensive has got less to do with size than you might expect. No matter how big your area is, there are plenty of readymade options out there in standard sizes which will fit without too much trouble.

The real cost issues arise because there are so many crucial factors involved in creating the perfect design for an awning, each having its own separate price tag which adds up quickly.

How Much Are Patio Awnings?

The cost of a patio awning depends on several factors. These are the size, style, material, and installation.

A 12 x 20 foot aluminum patio cover will cost around $4,000 to install while installing an aluminum or vinyl roof would likely cost around $5,000.

Installing wood rafters is slightly more expensive with costs ranging between $6,000 to $7,500.

Awning TypeCost
Canvas$300 – $700
Metal$250 – $800
Non-Rollup$250 – $500
Manual Retractable$500 – $1,500
Mechanical/Motorized$2,000 – $3,500
Portable$100 – $400
Retractable Side Arm/Drop Arm $750 – $2,000
Retractable Vertical Drop $800 – $4,000
Retractable Freestanding Awning $900 – $4,000
Retractable Motorized Awning 1,000 – $5,000
Awning type Average cost

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How Much Does a Wooden Awning Cost?

Costs to install a typical awning
Minimum cost$100
Maximum cost$5,000
Average range$ 1,500 to $3,000
National average$2,500


Are Patio Awnings Worth It? Yes, They Are!

So if you are considering adding an outdoor accessory to your home, I would recommend a patio awning. These types of coverings are highly functional products that allow homeowners to enjoy their outside living areas all year round.


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