What Is an Enclosed Porch?: What You Need To Know



What Is an Enclosed Porch?

An enclosed porch is a great addition to any home. They provide an additional room for your family without the cost of adding on to your house.

The good news is you don’t have to be an architect or designer to know what you want in an enclosed porch.

With this article, I’ll share with you the most important things that you need to know about these wonderful additions!

What Is an Enclosed Porch?

An enclosed porch is a type of outdoor patio that has a roof and walls. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials used to build them, and styles. The purpose behind an enclosed porch can vary as well.

An enclosed porch does have a flooring system whether it contains wood or concrete slabs for example.

Enclosed porches do contain structural elements such as beams that support whatever type of roof coverage exists overhead while being exposed to weather conditions at times.

But generally enclose space within another building envelope unit like a walled-in room would be considered enclosed by most people who aren’t familiar with construction terminology.

Some porches are partially enclosed where glass windows are present between the interior living space and the porch itself.

What Constitutes An Enclosed Porch?

An enclosed porch is defined as a covered, partially, or fully enclosed exterior platform that has a roof, and the exterior walls are enclosed but open to elements.

In order to be considered an enclosure, some sort of door must separate it from the rest of the home’s interior space.

It should also have windows that allow fresh air into the room but prevent rain from entering as well as privacy screen options available if wanted/needed by purchaser.

Enclosed porches offer many benefits including adding extra living space with minimal additional construction costs; protection against changing weather elements.

What Is The Purpose Of An Enclosed Porch?

There are several ways to use an enclosed porch. The simplest is as a covered front or back entrance; it provides shelter from the elements while still allowing light and air into your home.

Enclosed porches can also be used for additional living space, such as sunrooms, dining rooms (especially in consideration of entertaining), craft rooms, and even extra bedrooms!

What's The Difference Between A Sunroom And An Enclosed Porch?

What’s The Difference Between A Sunroom And An Enclosed Porch?

Porches are attached to the house and are typically open-air. You can go inside them but they are not fully enclosed for weather protection. Sunrooms are also attached to the house, but have walls in order to provide better weather protection.


A sunroom is a structure that is built in an existing home, typically on the back or front of your house.

The main purpose of this room would be to allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors without having to go outside.

With insulation, heating/cooling systems, and other amenities contained inside; it allows you to still feel like part of the activity happening around you while being protected from harsh weather conditions.

Enclosed Porch

An enclosed porch works very similar except it does not always have any type of protective covering over the top so elements such as rain can get in, which makes them more susceptible to wind damage if they are located on a second-story level.

What Is A Screened In Porch?

A screened-in porch is a type of room that has no walls and only screens separating it from other parts of the home.

It provides protection against insects, rain, wind, and others elements yet allows air flows through it for natural ventilation to prevent suffocation or overheating.

Is A Screened In Porch Considered An Enclosed Porch?

Absolutely! A screened-in porch is considered an enclosed porch. It provides protection from the weather and insects, while still allowing for airflow and natural light.

Most people argue that an enclosed porch is not considered an enclosed porch. This is because there are no doors or windows to provide protection from the weather elements.

However, many others argue that because there are no doors or windows, it’s still considered an enclosed porch.

Does An Enclosed Porch Add Value?

A porch adds value to a home because it provides additional living space and the opportunity to enjoy nature and wildlife even more than you might otherwise be able to if you lived without one.

Enclosed porches are both beautiful and functional, depending on the needs of the people who live there.

An enclosed porch can be used during all seasons for sitting outside in the fresh air while still enjoying shelter from sun, wind, rain, insects, or other elements you need protection from when enjoying outdoor time at your property.

It is also possible to use an enclosed porch as part of an extension of your indoor living space by opening it onto rooms where you spend most of your time like kitchens and family rooms so that these areas feel more expansive than just their actual size would suggest.

Is An Enclosed Porch Considered Living Space?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development does not regard an enclosed porch as a living space.

Living space is a term that means the total space where someone lives. Living space can refer to a house, apartment, bedroom, or other dwellings.

In this case, the porch would not be considered a living space because it is outside of the main house.


An enclosed porch is a type of porch that includes walls and an overhead roof. It’s distinct from other types of porches—like the front stoop, side patio, or back deck—that don’t have one or both features.

The simplest way to determine if your current porch qualifies as an enclosed version is by asking yourself whether it has four walls plus a door or window facing outside.

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