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What Does A Colored Porch Light Mean? And why are there so many different colors? In this blog post, we’ll explore the meanings of porch lights in different colors and what they may signal to passers-by. We’ll also take a look at some of the reasons why homeowners might choose to use different colored bulbs on their porch lights.

So, whether you’re curious about what all the different colors mean or you’re thinking about adding a little personality to your home’s exterior lighting, read on for all you need to know.

What Does A Colored Porch Light Mean

Quick Overview: Porch Light Color Meaning

Porch Light ColorMeaning
Green LightVeterans, Military Support, St. Patricks Day, Lyme Disease
Red LightAmerican Heart Association, Firefighters, Valentine’s Day, and yes even Prostitution
Blue LightLaw Enforcement Support, Autism Awareness, Alopecia Areata
Pink LightRemembering Lost Ones, Breast Cancer Awareness
Purple LightDomestic Violence Awareness
Yellow LightDrug House, Reduce Bugs
Blinking Porch LightFamily in Distress
Orange LightHalloween, Justice
Porch Light Color Meaning

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean

A green porch light is commonly used to show respect for United States veterans and active military personnel. However, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, and Lyme disease awareness month are also represented by green lights.

Some people choose to keep a green porch light on all year as a symbol of respect for American veterans and military personnel. These people believe that expressing gratitude for those who have served is something that should be done every day of the year, not just on Veterans Day.

When neighbors light up their porches with green lights, it’s a great way to honor and thank local veterans for their service.

Our gratitude for our veterans and active military personnel is unending. The #greenlightavet campaign encourages people to show their support all year long by using a green porch light.

Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, some people light green porch lights to honor the service of American veterans, active military personnel, guardsmen, reservists, and other uniformed services.

The Moapa Valley Town Council passed a resolution in 2009 to change their white porch lights to green porch lights for the day’s celebration in honor of local veterans.

Green porch lights are lit from sundown to midnight during Veterans Day weekend and other times throughout the year when a U.S. veteran passes away to show gratitude for their service.

Memorial Day

For similar reasons, green porch lights are common around Memorial Day. They’re a show of respect for US military personnel who have died in the line of duty.

Many people put out a flag and light display on their front porch to honor U.S. service members who have died while serving their country, but memorial colors are also common.

Green is one of the most popular choices for these displays, as it symbolizes hope and growth.

Some people also believe that green porch lights can help guide the spirits of fallen soldiers back to their families. While there’s no scientific evidence to support this claim, it’s a touching sentiment that honors the ultimate sacrifice made by so many men and women in uniform.

St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, green porch lights are common, which is why the holiday is sometimes referred to as “Green Out Day.”

The meaning of the color green on this holiday has nothing to do with Ireland’s flag or shamrocks, but it does have something to do with an old Irish proverb.

The proverb says, “The greenest of all countries is Ireland.” This simply means that Ireland is a very beautiful country. The word “green” in this proverb is used to describe the country’s natural beauty, not its political affiliation.

So, when you see green lights on porches this St. Patrick’s Day, remember that it is a symbol of Ireland’s beauty and not its politics.

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Lyme disease awareness month is another reason why people put up green porch lights. Because ticks are frequently green, the color green is used to represent this disease.

Green porch lights are displayed in communities across the country during Lyme Disease Awareness Month, from Old Lyme, Connecticut to San Antonio, Texas. Lyme disease is estimated to affect more than 300,000 people in the United States each year, making it a growing public health concern.

As a result, some people use their porch lights to show support for those who have been diagnosed as well as raise awareness about the disease in general.

What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean

The color blue is associated with porch lights most often to support law enforcement. Dolly Craig put a blue light in her window to commemorate the death of her son-in-law, an officer killed on duty, in 1989.

Although there are many reasons why someone would use a blue porch light, the most common reason is to raise awareness for a cause. Autism awareness, law enforcement support, and Alopecia Areata awareness are the most common causes.

Support Law Enforcement

The most common association of blue porch lights is to show support for law enforcement.

Dolly Craig began the movement in 1989 by placing a blue light in her window to honor her late son-in-law, a police officer killed in the line of duty. She told her story to a local chapter of C.O.P.S., and the idea grew into Project Blue Light.

The Light Ohio Blue campaign in Ohio encourages people to turn their porch lights blue to show their support for all law enforcement officers.

While it began as a memorial to fallen officers, it has since evolved into a year-round show of support for all law enforcement officers.

In fact, there has been a long history of showing support and appreciation to law enforcement officers. Police challenge coins are traditionally small tokens to be given to reward police units and prove membership and morale.

And now more creative and personalized elements are added to these small pieces to honor dedicated police officers and departments who protect security and serve citizens.

If you have a police family member or want to show your sincere support to the men and women in blue, go with custom police challenge coins at GS-JJ with your own text, quotation, and logo imprint.

Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month, with World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. To raise awareness about this, Autism Speaks launched the Light-It-Up Blue campaign.

As a show of support, many landmarks around the world are illuminated blue on this day. Many parents will also hang blue lights on their porches to show their support for those who suffer from autism.

Because of the link between autism and the sky, the color blue was chosen for this awareness month. Some parents will point out what color the sky is that day if their child with autism is staring at the sky to calm or comfort them.

Alopecia Areata Awareness

Alopecia Areata Awareness Month is celebrated in September. According to the US National Library of Medicine, this autoimmune disease causes hair loss and affects 1.7 million Americans.

People are encouraged to join the #LightItUpBlue4AlopeciaAreata campaign to help raise awareness about Alopecia Areata.

People are encouraged to change out their porch lights in addition to the blue-lit landmarks. To show your support, take a selfie and post it on social media with the hashtag #LightItUpBlue4AlopeciaAreata.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to display blue porch lights. Whether you’re raising awareness for autism, law enforcement, or Alopecia Areata, the color blue represents your cause and serves as a visible statement of support.

If you’re looking for a simple way to show your support while honoring these often personal causes, changing your porch light is a small change that can make a big difference.

What Does a Red Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Red Porch Light Mean

A red porch light may be a symbol of many things, including American Heart Month Awareness, Firefighters Support, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and even sex work.

Red is also considered a power color in China. In feng shui, it’s often used to bring good luck and fortune.

American Heart Association

The red porch light can represent a variety of things, but it is most closely associated with the American Heart Association’s desire for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

The organization believes that raising awareness about heart disease and how it affects people all over the world is critical. It appears in February, the American Heart Association’s month of heart health awareness.

Valentines Day

The color red is associated with Valentine’s Day in February. Many people will change their porch lights to red during this time of year to be festive for a holiday.


Halloween and all of its ghouls and goblins are associated with the color red. While it is not a superstition to put up red lights on your porch, many people will do so to commemorate the holiday.

Support Firefighters

International Firefighters Day is celebrated on May 4th. The shine your light campaign was created by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to encourage people to show their support by celebrating the hard work that firefighters do.

On May 4th, they ask people to show their support by turning their porch lights red.

Many people choose to participate all year to show their support for firefighters and the sacrifices they make.

Furthermore, firefighters are awarded by fire departments with special coins to tribute their key achievements and dedication. They also serve as a remembrance of courageous firefighters who sacrificed in emergency and fire disasters.

If you are in the middle of getting coins for specific activities such as firefighter ceremonies, Memorials, academy graduations, or fundraising projects for your fire department or organization, check out these firefighter challenge coins to commemorate our heroes who live and act bravely everywhere.


Red porch lights are still associated with prostitution and brothels by many people. People still associate red porch lights with “open for business,” whether it’s because of the “red-light district” or an urban legend.

Gun-Free Home

A meme circulating a few years ago claimed that a red porch light indicated that the home was gun-free. This has been proven to be false.

What Does a Purple Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Purple Porch Light Mean

A purple porch light means awareness of incidents of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence

A purple porch light serves as a constant reminder that violence has no place in the home. It pays tribute to domestic violence survivors and victims.

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, people are encouraged to light their porches purple. This action not only raises awareness about the very real problem of domestic violence but also serves as a visible symbol of people standing up to it.

The porch light represents a safe space and serves as a reminder that domestic violence is never acceptable. It stands as a symbol of hope for those who have been affected by it.

Domestic violence is a problem that affects everyone. It knows no bounds and can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, there is help available. The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides 24/7 support for those in need.

What Does an Orange Porch Light Mean?

Orange Porch Light Mean

This is considered a festive, lively color and is often used as a decoration for Fall and Halloween. The color orange is so closely associated with Halloween, that many people consider it to be a “Halloween” porch light.


Orange porch lights will be visible across the United States in October. This is a vibrant, festive color that is frequently used as a Fall and Halloween decoration. Many people consider orange to be a “Halloween” porch light because it is so closely associated with the holiday.

Cry For Justice

In 2017, the “Light up Delphi” movement encouraged residents of Delphi, Indiana, and others across the country to turn their porch lights orange in honor of two teenage girls who were brutally murdered.

The proceeds from the sale of orange porch lights went to the victims’ families. The community honored both girls and showed support by turning the lights orange until the murders were solved.

Orange is also considered to be a very “loud” color and is often used in advertising and marketing to grab attention. It is also considered to be a very “optimistic” color, which is why it is often used in branding for companies that want to convey a sense of positivity and energy.

What Does a Yellow Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Yellow Porch Light Mean

Yellow porch lights are said to help reduce the number of bugs you have flying around.

Insects are attracted to the light, so by having a yellow light on your porch, you can help keep them away. Additionally, some people believe that a yellow porch light can also help deter burglars and other criminals.

It is thought that the color makes it more difficult for them to see what they are doing, making it less likely for them to break into a home. While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, many people believe that they are effective and continue to use yellow porch lights for these purposes.

What Does a Pink Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Pink Porch Light Mean

Pink porch lights are generally associated with Breast Cancer. You will typically see more of them in October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In some cases, people may choose to keep their pink porch light on year-round to show their support for breast cancer awareness and research.

Some other possible meanings of a pink porch light could include:

-A welcome light for friends and family

-A way to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community

-A symbol of hope for those going through tough times

-A show of support for anyone going through a difficult journey

What Does a Blinking Porch Light Mean?

What Does a Blinking Porch Light Mean

A flashing or blinking porch light is a sign of distress during an emergency.

It is a way to signal for help when you are in danger or need assistance.

A blinking porch light can also be used to warn others of a potential hazard, such as a gas leak or fire.

If you see a blinking porch light, take caution and call 911 immediately.


Red Porch Light: American Heart Association, Firefighters, Valentines Day, and yes even Prostitution. Purple Porch Light: Domestic Violence. Orange Porch Light: Halloween, Justice. Yellow Porch Light: Reduce Bugs. Pink Porch Light: Breast Cancer Awareness.

While the meanings of different porch lights may vary from person to person, there are some general interpretations that hold true for most people. By understanding what each color means, you can create a better experience for those who visit your home or business.

Additionally, if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation and need help, knowing how to signal for assistance with a blinking porch light could be a lifesaver.

Different colors of porch lights can have different meanings, but some of the most common interpretations include:

-Orange: A festive, lively color often used as a decoration for Fall and Halloween

-Yellow: Said to help reduce the number of bugs flying around; also believed by some to help deter burglars

-Pink: Typically associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month; can also show support for the LGBTQIA+ community or be a symbol of hope for those going through tough times

-Blinking: A sign of distress during an emergency; can also be used to warn others of a potential hazard, such as a gas leak or fire.

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