The True Costs To Build A Patio And Deck(And Hidden COST)



The True Costs To Build A Patio A Deck

The hardest question for anyone to answer is “How much will it cost To Build A Patio?” It has been said that when one person asks this question, another asks what are your rates?

If you’ve ever asked yourself how much does it possibly cost to build a patio that includes all labor costs and material components required to construct.

While answering these questions in this article we will be looking at the design of your patio project, estimating the cost based on average, and an idea of how much building your own patio will cost.

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What Is The Difference between a Deck And A Patio

There are several things that most people think of when they hear the word deck.

You may be thinking about a wooden structure on which you can sit or place the furniture. A deck could also be thought of as an outdoor living space, where family and friends can gather to enjoy warm summer evenings in comfortable surroundings.

Many people will immediately see garden decks and patio decks in their mind’s eye, but there is actually one main difference between them; the way they have been constructed.


Patios are built on top of existing levels, either concrete slabs or blocks while the flooring material itself may vary depending on your needs and preferences.

If you want to create a completely new level instead then it would probably be more suitable for a deck rather than using pavers.

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A deck is a type of construction that sits on top of the ground and is built to be stable enough to support your weight if you were to walk across it, whereas patio decks are just one level only.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio?

A 12 Feet By 16 Feet or 192 Square Feet Patio will cost an average of $4,032. The estimate takes into account mid-range materials and labor costs, as well as any machine or equipment costs.

ItemCost Per ItemTotal Cost
Materials $600-$3000
Machine/Equipment costs$300-$2000
Labor$65 per hour
Patio Installation Total Cost$21 Per Square Feet$4,032

Extra Cost To Consider

  • When choosing more premium patio building material you can expect to pay more or less closer to $6,500 for a new patio construction.
  • Some Companies charge insurance for hiring machinery, I would suggest hiring a company to give you a quote for the full work. In this way there will be no hidden cost that could surprise you later on.
  • If you are building a patio where there is a structure already ,you should take into consideration the cost of breaking down the old structure and the cost of removal.

Cost Of Building A Patio By City In The US

New York

CityPricePatio Size
New York$6,477192 Square Feet
Bronx$5,322 192 Square Feet
Brooklyn$4,436 192 Square Feet


CityPricePatio Size
Miami$3,951192 Square Feet
Fort Lauderdale $4,139 192 Square Feet


CityPricePatio Size
Los Angeles$4,890192 Square Feet
San Diego $4,437192 Square Feet
San Jose $5,359192 Square Feet

Rest Of The USA

CityPricePatio Size
Philadelphia $5,534192 Square Feet
Washington $4,802192 Square Feet
Atlanta $4,345192 Square Feet
Minneapolis $4,856192 Square Feet
Chicago $5,657192 Square Feet
Houston $5,835192 Square Feet
San Antonio $3,917192 Square Feet
Austin $4,435192 Square Feet
Denver $3,747192 Square Feet
Phoenix $3,954192 Square Feet
Las Vegas $4,339192 Square Feet
Seattle $3,924192 Square Feet

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Patio?

Yes Its much cheaper to build your own patio. Rather than paying a company to install the patio for you at $21 a Square foot DIY will cost you $13 per square foot.

Cost estimates vary depending on whether wood or ceramic tile is used for flooring and whether slabs or pavers are laid down for the surface.

But there are other hidden costs that don’t show up in any estimate until after construction begins — such as permits and inspections.

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Patio?

Building an on-grade patio, whether made of concrete, brick, or any other material, does not always necessitate a permit. Local governments have a wide range of requirements, ranging from lax to strict.

Zoning Requirements for Patios

Zoning laws are different from building codes, and they differ significantly from town to town.

However, whether or not you need a building permit, your new patio is likely to require zoning department approval. Patio designs can be influenced by zoning laws in a variety of ways:

  • Setback laws may limit the proximity of a patio to your property line.
  • Some zoning laws set a maximum area or percentage of a property that can be developed or built upon, which may limit the size of your patio.
  • Certain design parameters may be imposed by drainage or water conservation laws. To reduce stormwater runoff, you might need to use a permeable patio material.
  • It’s possible that public rights of way or easements will need to be left undeveloped, which means no patio in these areas.
  • Patios in front yards are typically limited in size and must be set back from streets or sidewalks.
  • Power lines and other utilities may have an impact on the location of a patio.

Code Requirements for Patio Covers

A patio cover is a “structure with open or glazed walls used for recreational, outdoor living purposes associated with a dwelling unit,” according to the IRC.

To summarize, it’s attached to a house, it can be open on the sides or enclosed (with approved materials), and it’s only used for recreational purposes (not living space).

Code requirements for patio covers:

  • Covers must be single-story structures with a maximum height of 12 feet.
    Covers and unclosed covered patios are not permitted to be used as a carport, garage, storage areas, or living quarters.
  • Enclosure walls may be any shape or size, as long as the longer wall and one additional wall have glazing or openings that account for at least 66 percent of the total wall area below 7 feet 9 inches from the floor.
  • Enclosure materials: Insect screens, translucent or transparent plastic panels, or approved glass can be used to cover the patio cover walls.
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Deck?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Deck?

A 16 Feet By 20 Feet or 320 Square Feet deck will cost an average of $18,342. The estimate takes into account mid-range materials, labor costs, and finishing, as well as any machine or equipment costs.

ItemCost Per sqr ftTotal Cost
Treated Wood$8$2,770
Machine/Equipment costs$300 to $1000$300-$1000
Red Wood$11$3,640
Exotic Wood$32$9,954
Cement Foundation$6 to 9$$1700 to $2,753
Deck Installation Total Cost$48 to 73 Per Square Feet$16,932 to$ 24,810

Extra Cost To Consider

  • Most decks require railings @ $34 per square foot.
  • Steps depending on the material you going to use $40 per square foot.
  • If you are going to stain your deck after installation the average cost per square foot is $20

Cost Of Building A Deck By City In The US

New York

CityPriceDeck Size
New York$31,099320 Square Feet
Bronx$25,555320 Square Feet
Brooklyn$21,299320 Square Feet


CityPrice Deck Size
Miami$18,973320 Square Feet
Fort Lauderdale$19,874320 Square Feet


CityPrice Deck Size
Los Angeles$23,477320 Square Feet
San Diego$21,305320 Square Feet
San Jose$25,734320 Square Feet

Rest Of The USA

CityPrice Deck Size
Philadelphia$26,571320 Square Feet
Washington$23,057320 Square Feet
Atlanta$20,861320 Square Feet
Minneapolis$23,315320 Square Feet
Chicago$27,164320 Square Feet
Houston$28,019320 Square Feet
San Antonio$18,808320 Square Feet
Austin$21,296320 Square Feet
Denver$17,994320 Square Feet
Phoenix$18,984 192 Square Feet
Las Vegas$20,836 192 Square Feet
Seattle$18,840 192 Square Feet


Building a patio or a deck can be an expensive endeavor, but the benefits of having one at your home are worth it.

For example, patios provide a great area for outdoor entertaining and socializing with friends and family members.

Patio and decking furniture is also readily available in many styles to match any need or style preference you may have including garden tables, folding chairs, rocking chairs, benches, loungers, chaises, and more!

If this sounds like something that would benefit your lifestyle then get started on building your own today.

Resources: Building Survey

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