Should I Put An Outdoor Rug On My Patio?



Should I Put An Outdoor Rug On My Patio?

There are many benefits to putting an outdoor rug on your patio. It can protect the flooring from stains and spills, provide a nice soft surface for people to walk around on, and it can even help with insulation and noise dampening.

But there are also plenty of drawbacks to consider before you decide whether or not you want an outdoor rug outside your home.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not this is something that will work for you, then this blog post is for you!

We’ll talk about all of the pros and cons of having an outdoor rug in your backyard so that way by the end of reading this article, making a decision will be much easier!

Should I Put An Outdoor Rug On My Patio?

You might be asking yourself, “should I put an outdoor rug on my patio?” If you’re like most people then the answer is yes! Outdoor rugs can add a touch of elegance and style to your patio.

You’ll find that they are perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing with family and friends.

Benefits Of A Rug On On Your Patio

  • Rugs are designed to help your flooring last longer by covering it up. Carpet tiles have a warranty that says they should be protected from sun, soil and moisture which is accomplished with an outdoor rug.
  • The pattern of the rugs will bring excitement into the room while brightening it at the same time. It can also enhance your other decor in your home or office space due to its color coordination.
  • When you go out on patio furniture shopping , think about if you want comfortable soft cushions or ones made of wicker . Outdoor rugs provide great cushion for sitting down so people won’t complain about how uncomfortable their seating area is because there isn enough padding under them!
  • It can also help fight the harsh effects of sun exposure. The outdoor rugs protect your flooring from wearing out due to sunlight and UV rays which are harmful. This will allow your patio furniture or home decor items that sit on top of it (such as flowers) stay protected for longer!

Can You Put A Rug On A Patio?

Yes! All kinds of rugs will work on a patio, but they need to be hard-surface rugs. The only types of rugs that will work well on a patio are the ones that have some kind of hard rubber back (like indoor/outdoor rugs).

This is because you need to keep these rugs in place and not shifting around so they can control dirt and grime.

What Type Of Rug Is Best For The Patio?

In general, indoor/outdoor rugs work best on patios because they’re the only type that will stay in place and control dirt.

Whether your patio is concrete or some other material, an indoor/outdoor rug should do the job nicely!

Where Should Outdoor Rugs Be Placed On My Patio?

Rugs should be placed in areas where there is heavy foot traffic because this area needs to stand up against wear and tear.

If you have high traffic, consider having an outdoor rug with a textured design so it won’t get ruined easily after years of constant use!

Will An Outdoor Rug Ruin My Patio?

Having an outdoor rug to cover your patio, deck or porch is a great way to extend the life of your flooring.

Not only does it provide extra protection against elements like rain and snow but can also help you cut down on how much time needs to be spent sweeping up dirt and debris.

However, there are some considerations that you need to take into account before making this important purchase.

  • Type of Outdoor Carpet
  • Texture Of Rug
  • Sizes Of Rug
  • Durability Of Your Outdoor Rug

Can You Put An Outdoor Rug On A Concrete Patio?

Yes, you can place a rug on concrete outside. However, it’s not as simple as choosing the right size and shape for your patio or outdoor space.

Outdoor rugs are known to be quite durable and easy to clean. They’re still not as tough as rubber mats, but they extend your options for decorating patios and walkways without breaking the bank.

Do Outdoor Rugs Ruin Concrete?

When you are thinking of beautifying your porch, patio, or cement slab in your backyard, do you ever think about getting an outdoor rug for it? Outdoor rugs are a great way to add color and character to your outside space.

The problem is that when you add the outdoor rug directly on top of the concrete, it can ruin it forever.

When an outdoor rug has been placed on top of any type of concrete surface such as stamped, colored, or exposed aggregate concrete, the material underneath will start deteriorating.

What Size Outdoor Rug Do I Need?

The size of the outdoor rug you choose for your patio or porch should be no larger than 1/3 the size of the open floor space. In other words, if your deck is 10 feet by 20 feet, a rug that is 5 by 15 feet would work best.

For a porch or covered patio, allow an extra three to five feet on all sides so the edges can overlap onto adjoining areas and help hold it in place.

How Big Should An Outdoor Rug Be?

If you’re looking for some outdoor furniture, such as an outdoor rug, you’ll notice that most of the options available come in a range of sizes.

A 5×8 might be more versatile and work well on your patio, but is that what fits your space best?

How Do You Measure For Outdoor Carpet?

Measure the total length of your porch or patio.

This is how you will get the total square footage. If your measurements are odd, round up to the nearest foot for carpeting purposes. Be sure to be precise so that you don’t order 10% more or less than what you need!

Once you have obtained your measurement, multiply it by the width of one row across your porch/patio.

For example, let’s say your patio is 15 feet long and 7 feet wide…15 x 7 = 105 sq. ft. (We’ll call this number X)

X x 2 = 210 (the total amount of squares required)

Note: This calculation assumes that individual pieces of outdoor carpet will fit side by side across the width of your porch/patio.

If you want to stagger or offset the pattern then you will need more pieces and thus more squares.

Will An Outdoor Rug Ruin A Wood Deck?

Yes. If the rug absorbs too much water with rain or dew then this excess moisture will not allow the wood deck to dry properly and this could lead to rotting and warping within a few years if not sooner.

Stains from outdoor rugs can be a thorny issue. Some people think that putting an outdoor rug on a wood deck will cause damage, while others say it won’t hurt a bit.

Let’s explore these opposing claims and see if we can come up with some hard facts to help with the dilemma of whether or not your choice of patio decor is going to ruin your decking material.

Why Rugs Stain Decks

The main reason why so many people are concerned with staining decks by using indoor/outdoor rugs is that most modern decks have been stained rather than painted over with latex paint as was done decades ago.

Stains made specifically designed for use on decks are formulated to soak into the porous structure of the wood and remain there for a relatively long time, not be absorbed into the flooring like other types of household stains.

This is good because the original color and wood grain will still be showing in years to come, not covered up by paint that flakes off within two or three seasons.

Homeowners who purchased decks in recent years were likely advised to use one of these deck-specific stains when they first put their outdoor rugs down on their freshly stained decks.

Deck stains are water-based, making it virtually impossible for any kind of rug material or type to prevent them from soaking into your flooring.

This means that even if you already have your indoor/outdoor rug on top of your deck without incident for five or six weeks, the deck stain will most likely soak through and cause a visible blemish.

Preventing Deck Stains from Rugs

To prevent stains from happening, you have to use a water-resistant rug pad instead of one that is absorbent.

The best combination would be an indoor/outdoor rug that features a liner on the backside made with non-absorbent materials such as plastic or rubber to prevent deck stains from seeping through in addition to using a water-resistant rug pad underneath.

Adding this type of protection may seem like overkill, but since it’s only going to take five minutes out of your day it is certainly worth trying. After all, there is a sense in risking expensive deck staining materials to save five minutes of putting down a simple rug pad.


The decision to place an outdoor rug on your patio is a personal one. Ultimately, it depends on the décor of your home and how you want to use this space.

If you are looking for something that provides comfort when sitting outside in the summer heat or winter’s cold, then yes, invest in an outdoor rug.

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