How to Prevent Earthworms on Your Patio: 5 Effective Methods



Preventing earthworms from invading your patio is achievable through simple and practical methods.

By using salt, lime, proper drainage, mulch barriers, and sealing concrete surfaces, you can effectively deter earthworm activity.

How To Prevent Earthworms On Your Patio

How To Keep Earthworms Off Your Patio?

Earthworms can be a real problem for those who have patios. This is because they are attracted to the moisture and warmth of patio surfaces, where it’s easy access to food leftover from humans or pets as well as other sources such as over-watering vegetation.

This table illustrates the preference for using salt as the primary method to kill earthworms, with 500 individuals opting for this approach.

Lime is chosen by 150 people, while 100 individuals prefer other methods not specified in the article.

MethodNumber of People
Other Methods100

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You can find organic earthworm repeller HERE

Fortunately, you can take steps to keep earthworms off your patio areas using simple methods that require minimal effort on your part. Follow these 5 tips below:

1. Use Salt to Keep Earthworms Away

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get rid of earthworms is by using salt.

The process is straightforward – just sprinkle salt on the earthworms, and it will dehydrate and eliminate them.

Regular table salt works well due to its fine texture, but rock salt or kosher salt are also effective. Even seawater can do the trick if that’s what you have on hand.

2. Repel Earthworms with Lime

Lime serves as a natural repellent for earthworms, as they dislike its smell and taste.

By spreading lime on your patio, you create an environment that earthworms find undesirable, helping to keep them at bay.

3. Rake Up Fallen Leaves

Earthworms thrive on decaying plant matter, making areas with fallen leaves a prime location for them.

To prevent earthworm on your patio, regularly rake up leaves from hard surfaces like patios, driveways, and walkways. Dispose of the leaves away from these areas to avoid re-infestation.

4. Address Poor Drainage

Earthworms thrive in areas with poor drainage, as they seek dry land amidst flooded surroundings.

Ensure proper drainage around your patio and garden to discourage earthworms from making it their habitat. Well-draining soil prevents stagnant pools, making your patio less appealing to these creatures.

5. Create an Organic Barrier with Mulch

Mulch serves as a natural barrier against earthworms. By adding a four-inch layer of organic matter, such as wood chips or bark, around your landscaping features, you create an effective barrier that reduces moisture levels.

This helps deter earthworm activity, providing a long-lasting solution without frequent replacements.

How To Prevent Earthworms On Your Patio

How Do You Keep Earthworms Out Of Concrete?

If you’re dealing with earthworms burrowing into your concrete, follow these steps to prevent, treat, and eradicate the problem.

Step 1: Prevention

Seal your concrete surfaces using marine-grade epoxy paint or a product specifically designed for this purpose.

Applying a protective coating prevents earthworms from infiltrating the concrete, addressing the issue at its source.

Step 2: Treating the Problem

Apply an earthworm repellent along the foundation to lock out pests and prevent further infestations.

For added protection, use a perimeter spray to repel any stragglers. Ensure compatibility with your concrete by testing for color-fastness before application.

Step 3: Eradication

To eliminate existing earthworms in concrete, create a solution with 1 part salt and 10 parts water.

Pour this mixture into all cracks and crevices, including those around windows, doors, AC units, and drainpipes. This combination of boiling saltwater and freezing temperatures effectively eradicates earthworms.

Step 4: Prevention (Alternative Method)

If making a repellent isn’t feasible, consider using a commercially available earthworm barrier.

Look for products specifically labeled for heavy-duty outdoor use, ensuring they are suitable for your concrete surfaces.

You Can Find Some Here

Why Are Worms Dying On My Patio?

Understanding why earthworms may be dying on your patio helps address the issue and prevent future occurrences.

Environmental Factors

Earthworms can die due to dehydration or freezing in extreme conditions. Areas under patios and driveways expose them to changing temperatures and rain patterns, affecting their ability to produce protective mucus.

If you live in an area where earthworms are common, occasional discoveries of dead worms on your patio may be a result of these environmental factors.

More examples of ways people prevent earthworms on their patios:

Salt is a simple way of repelling and killing worms in your pavements after a heavy fall.

See if you can rustle up some millipedes, sowbugs, sprintails. If you find a spot with rich dark soil and lots of little creepy crawlies


By implementing these straightforward and effective methods, you can prevent earthworms from invading your patio and causing inconvenience. Choose the approach that best fits your situation and enjoy a worm-free outdoor space.

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  1. avatar

    Earthworms that litter the front door entrance patio.

    I struggled with the earthworms until I caught a tip that might work. Living in Florida we have ALOT of rain. SOOOO I bought a long lighted rope, like you can buy at Costco for decorations during Christmas. I laid it as close as I could along the front door patio walls and along wall below the front door and because it was longer I also just encircled it around the plants. When I hear it’s going to rain, I turn it on and so far I haven’t had the worm problem (fingers crossed). I have noticed that more small bugs have ventured toward to the light, but I can vacuum those up. One thing I read was that worms don’t like blue light either and the rope light will also light up in blue. I haven’t tried the blue yet, since the white light is working, but I may just to see what happens. Let me know if you try it and have any luck!

    1. Bob

      Very Good tip for the readers. Thanx Lea

  2. avatar

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the article. Can you please tell me how to get rid of dead sticky worms off my alfresco floor? No matter how much water or floor cleaner I use, they are not going off. I am getting shoulder pain by trying to sweep them off with the broom. Lol. I don’t think I can do enough to prevent them so just want to know the easy cleanup procedure 🙂

    1. Bob Vil

      Hi Sahi
      Apply mild detergent or soap: Mix a small amount of mild detergent or liquid soap with water in a bucket. Use a scrub brush to gently scrub the affected area where the earthworms were stuck. This will help to remove any remaining sticky residue. To prevent earthworms from sticking to the floor in the future, consider reducing the amount of water on the floor or keeping the area well-lit, as earthworms are sensitive to light and moisture.

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