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How to Train Your Dog to Use a Porch Potty

Dogs are great companions, but they can also be a nuisance. One of the most common issues that people have with their dogs is having them use the whole house as their bathroom instead of just one spot in the yard.

This can lead to an unpleasant smell and other various hazards if it’s not dealt with promptly.

One of the most difficult parts about having a dog is training it to use the porch potty instead of going inside on your carpet or furniture!

Let’s take a look at how you can train your dog to use their porch potty so that your home stays clean!

What Is A Porch Potty?

A porch potty is also known as an outdoor dog toilet. Is a self-cleaning dog toilet that comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and most of the time made of synthetic grass that is inserted into a tray.

The Porch Potty can be used on any surface, indoors or outdoors including: decks, patios, balconies, porches, and roofs.

Porch Potty Comes In 3 Sizes:

What Is A Porch Potty?

The best indoor dog potties are made of artificial grass. These come in different styles and most look very natural as if the dogs were outside going to a real toilet.

It is great for all kinds of breeds, young or old dogs because it takes them less time to get used to using a porch potty instead of an indoor one.

Dogs make mistakes at first but they will soon learn where is an appropriate place outdoors with their new outdoor pet toilet.

When you buy one of these items be sure that it has some kind of odor neutralizer so there won’t be any unpleasant smells coming from your patio or balcony when your dog uses his or her bathroom!

You should also think about getting something like this especially after cleaning up urine from your carpet.

How Do Porch Potties Work?

The Porch Potty works as a self-draining and cleaning system. The standard and premium porch potties have a catch basin under the unit, that all the urine will drain into.

The self-draining design and built-in sprinkler system keep your porch clean and odor-free with a simple turn of the water spigot. Urine is then filtered through a screen and into the catch basin.

The screened filtrate will drain out all the urine out of the unit, with help from a hose into a drain or, onto the ground under your deck or patio.

Which Porch Potty Works Best For You?

This visual comparison takes the guesswork out of which type is best for you and your dog.

FeaturesPorch Potty SmallPorch Potty StandardPorch Potty Premium
Scented Fire HydrantYESYESYES
Synthetic Grass IncludedYESYESYES
Wicker DesignYESYESYES
Sprinkler Rinsing SystemNONOYES
Rinse ManuallyYESYESYES
14′ Drain HoseYESYESYES
Catch BasinOptionalOptional
Training SodOptionalOptionalOptional
PriceView PriceView PriceView Price
Porch Potty Comparison Table

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Porch Potty

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Porch Potty
How to Train Your Dog to Use a Porch Potty

For those of us who live in homes without a balcony, patio, or porch, training our dogs to use the porch potty is essential.

You’ll need a few things before you start messing with a dog’s routine. The first and most important component will undoubtedly be a porch potty.

You’ll also need a good supply of the dog’s favorite foods or treats to keep them motivated.

The other major requirement is time. You’ll have to accompany your pet to his porch potty every morning and evening until he’s used to it.

As a result, patience and a proactive mindset will be required.

It’s time to get to work once you have all of the above!

3 Methods To Train Your Dog To Use A Porch Potty

We have compiled 3 easy methods on how to train your dog to use a porch potty.

1. Set Up Method

Keep Food Away

If you want the best chance of getting quick results, make sure you set up your porch potty correctly. One of the most important requirements is that it be located away from where he eats or drinks water. There should not be any bowls visible.

Keep Bed Away

You should also make sure it’s not near where he sleeps or napped during the day. Dogs, like humans, dislike going to the bathroom to relieve themselves. So keep that in mind when choosing a location.

Setup Close To A Drain

You want your porch potty to be simple to clean and empty. As a result, placing it near a drain or hose is always a good idea. If it’s constantly being moved around, he’ll be less likely to use it on a regular basis. So, on the first day, choose the best location.

Make It A Home

Keep a few treats and toys nearby. This will help him notice it while also making him feel at ease in its presence. It will also help if you show him around the new toilet. He’ll start using it sooner if it feels like it’s part of his territory.

Animated voices

He’ll naturally take an interest in the potty if you point to it and talk in a lively tone. If he sees you confident with it, he’ll feel more at ease with it as well. You’ll have the best chance of quick success if you follow all of these steps.

2. Familiarization Method


Set up the porch toilet and give him a few days to get used to it. When you go for a walk, take him past the potty and let him sniff around and get to know it. You never know, maybe he’ll use it right away!

Extended Leach

When it’s time to go, keep him on a long leash in the yard, but make sure he has access to the toilet. He’ll quickly realize that the porch potty is the best option available. Then you can go over and encourage him by pointing to it.

Feces Sent

Take some of yesterday’s feces and wipe it on the porch potty if he’s having trouble going. The smell of yesterday’s toilet will relax him and make him more likely to use the new location.

Reward Him

Give him a good reward whenever he uses the porch potty. His favorite food, a few minutes of playtime with his favorite toy, or even just some attention from his owner are all things that he craves. The happier he is afterward, the more likely he is to return.

Don’t Over Pressure

Don’t overly encourage him. If he feels pressed, he may experience stage fright and be unable to perform at all. While you naturally want him to start using it right away, the calmer he is, the faster you’ll see results.

3. Encouragement Method

Set Up

Place your porch potty in a convenient location. Find a location where he’ll have some privacy if you can. The more enclosed and comfortable he feels, the easier it will be for him to adapt to his new toilet.


Secure him to a leash and take him out to his porch potty when you think he’ll need to go in the next 20 minutes. If you’re always there when he needs to go, he won’t be able to avoid it. He won’t get used to his new toilet if you let him use it on walks all the time.


Try to give him some space when you take him out. Don’t stare at him; he needs some space to do his thing. If you really want to cheer him up, point to the toilet and speak softly.


Give him a treat and some praise as soon as he uses his new toilet. It’s critical that he associates the porch potty with delicious treats. The better the incentive, the more likely he is to return.

Lose the treats

You can gradually reduce the treats after a week or two when he’s gotten the hang of his new porch potty. You don’t want him to gain weight, and he doesn’t need the motivation any longer.

Does Porch Potty Smell?

Porch Potty is a great alternative to a traditional dog or cat litter boxes. It can be used to catch the waste from multiple animals, and it’s especially useful for people who have outdoor pets like rabbits and other small furry creatures.

Because Porch Potty has built-in ventilation technology that reduces odor, you should not smell any difference between this product and your regular pet litter box.

How Do You Clean A Porch Potty?

No one wants to live with a stinky balcony or porch. Although you adore your pet family, dealing with the continual urine and feces smells isn’t on the top of your list of favorite activities.

While there isn’t a one-size fits all solution, do these things to keep your Porch Potty fresh and odor-free:

Regularly rinsing

We could not have made cleaning any easier. Our perforated synthetic grass and draining system prevents urine and wastewater from pooling, discouraging the build-up of odor-causing proteins or bacteria.

Use real grass

In addition to dogs’ natural inclination to eliminate on grass, live grass also has odor-fighting properties by absorbing urine and wastewater. While most use our synthetic grass without issue, others in our community members prefer real sod for the added help.

Clean with an enzymatic cleaner

Sometimes, no matter how often and thoroughly you rinse your Porch Potty, proteins in the waste can build up over time causing a lingering odor. TURFtastic is an enzymatic cleaner formulated specifically for use with Porch Potty, breaking down those smelly proteins and restoring your balcony or porch to its original smell-free area.

Keep replacements on hand

A lot of factors can affect how strong your dog’s urine may smell. Their inherent chemistry, illness, diet, and hydration levels can come into play, causing strong, persistent odors. Keep extra synthetic grass or flex tubing handy for those times when you just want a fresh start.

Follow these tips consistently and you’ll find the routine that works for you and your pampered pooch. Warmer, more humid climates typically need more frequent cleaning and replacements. Your dog’s unique body chemistry and circumstances will affect frequency as well.

How Long Does Porch Potty Grass Last?

The grass is made of waterproof nylon strands with a long-lasting latex backing. It will last for many years.

However, due to the formation of urine deposits and a resultant odor that cannot be removed, many Porch Potty owners replace their synthetic grass after 6 months to 1 year of use.

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