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What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need For My Table

Choosing the right size for your patio umbrella is an important decision. It can make all the difference in how much shade you’ll get, and whether or not it will be too small to cover your entire table – which will lead to a lot of sun exposure.

When deciding on a patio umbrella size, you have to take into consideration the dimensions of your table. If you want a larger shade to help provide more protection from the sun and rain, then an 8-foot wide umbrella will do just fine.

However, if you only need enough coverage for two people who are sitting at a small patio table or round bistro table, then a 5-foot wide umbrella would be better suited for those needs.

I will discuss this topic in detail, with tips on what size umbrella is best for different patio tables (and also provides information about other factors like height).

What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need For My Table
What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need For My Table?

What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need For My Table?

Choosing the right size patio umbrella for your table is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to investing in an outdoor umbrella.

After all, your purchase will primarily be based on the size of your table which makes choosing the correct size a critical part of any decision-making process.

As you consider what size patio umbrella you need for your table, here are some basic guidelines that may help you choose the best size.

As with anything else, personal preferences are fundamental to how much shade coverage you want from your shade fixture so this information should be taken as a general guideline.

What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need For My Table?

Table SizeUmbrella SizeUmbrella Base Weight
24″550 lb
30″5.550 lb
32″5.5 50 lb
36″6 – 6.550 lb
42″7 – 7.550 lb
48″8 – 950 lb
60″1075 lb
72″1175 lb
30″ x 48″8 – 950 lb
30″ x 60″1075 lb
30″ x 72″1175 lb
Cantilever Umbrellas9 – 11Included
Patio Umbrella Table Size Chart

How Big Should An Umbrella Be Over A Patio Table?

Your umbrella should extend across your patio table by 2 feet on each side. If you have a 4-foot round table, you’ll need an umbrella with a diameter of 8 feet.


The single most important measurement when shopping for an umbrella is the diameter of the top canopy. Diameter is measured in feet, and it’s very important to get one that fits your tabletop.

Remember, part of what you’re paying for when buying a patio umbrella is convenience.

6’ – 6.5’ Umbrellas

  • For tables up to 36 inches in diameter
  • Great for Bistro SetsRequires a 35 lb. umbrella base
  • Provides up to 44 sq. ft. of shade
  • Shop for 6’ – 6.5’ Patio Umbrella

7.5’ – 8’ Umbrellas

  • For tables up to 42 inches in diameter
  • Great for 4 Person Patio Dining SetsRequires a 40 – 60lb. umbrella base
  • Provides between 38 and 56 sq. ft. of shade
  • Shop for 7.5’ – 8’ Patio Umbrellas

9’ Umbrellas

  • For tables up to 48 inches in diameter
  • Great for 4 – 6 Person Patio Dining Sets
  • Requires a 50 – 65 lb. umbrella base
  • Provides between 38 and 56 sq. ft. of shade
  • Shop for 9’ Patio Umbrellas

10’ Umbrellas

  • For tables up to 60 inches in diameter
  • Great for 6 Person Patio Dining Sets
  • Requires a 65 – 75lb. umbrella base
  • Provides about 78 sq. ft. of shade
  • Shop for 10’ Patio Umbrellas

11’ Umbrellas

  • For tables up to 84 inches in diameter
  • Great for 8 – 14 Person Patio Dining Sets
  • Requires a 75lb. umbrella base
  • Provides about 95 sq. ft. of shade
  • Shop for 11’ Patio Umbrellas

9 – 11 ft. Cantilever Umbrella

  • Great for Outdoor Conversation Sets
  • Make sure to fill the base with extra sand to anchor to the ground
  • Provides about 95 sq. ft. of shade
  • Shop for 9 – 11’ Cantilever Umbrellas

How Do You Measure For A Patio Table Umbrella?

The width of a patio umbrella is determined by the length rather than the height. To get the correct measurements, measure the distance between the top of each rib arm and the bottom of each rib arm. Then double it to get your size.

To measure for an umbrella consider the following areas:

1) The overall height of your umbrella should be considered which includes both your tabletop and the canopy height.

2) Next thing to look for is how far do you want the canopy to cover? Your measurements should be according to that distance.

3) What is the pole diameter that goes into the base plate? Some umbrellas have 7/8″ pole while some have 1″ diameter.

How Do You Measure For A Patio Table Umbrella

Can You Use A Round Umbrella With A Rectangular Table?

Look for a patio umbrella that matches the form of your patio table, for example, if you have a rectangular patio table, choose one with a rectangular canopy. On each side, your patio umbrella should reach 2 feet beyond the edge of your outdoor table.

Round patio umbrellas are typically used on round tables, but some larger square-shaped canopies may also work on some square or octagonal tables.

The best way to be sure that the umbrella will fit properly on your table is to look at them together in person at the store before purchasing.

If you’re buying online, be sure to check out any images of product reviews for photos of how they sit together.

Be aware too, that if your table’s surface is smaller than 36 inches in diameter, most round umbrellas won’t cover all 4 sides evenly which leaves gaps where you would be unprotected from the sun.

If you purchase a round patio umbrella and your table is rectangle, it will sit centered on top of the table and likely look odd to some people.

If, however, you like that look then go for it! At least you’ll be able to enjoy getting some shade when using your umbrella.

What To Look For When Buying A Umbrella For My Table?

If you are looking for UV protection, choose a patio umbrella with Sunbrella or Olefin fabric. Sunbrella is 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic and offers excellent fade resistance.

The Olefin fabric used on the market today is manufactured by Invista, but first developed at DuPont in 1941.

It is lightweight, has little stretch, and provides excellent protection against ultraviolet rays; it also dries quickly after rain or washing.

You should consider buying a crank lift system to raise and lower your outdoor patio umbrella. This type of mechanism will allow one person to operate the operation smoothly and easily.

Outdoor patio umbrellas with auto tilt usually have a counter-balance system, which makes it easy to adjust the opening angle of the canopy according to sun position and wind direction for more comfort and protection from sunshine.

Most outdoor umbrella designs also allow you to do this manually as needed. Outdoor patio umbrellas with combined manual and automatic tilting systems provide an advantage over those that only offer one option: they can be tilted both manually and automatically by simply pressing a button on the pole or base.

If you want your outdoor umbrella canopy to sit higher than normal, look for an offset design like Bay Shore or Empire Windows Patio Umbrella.

This allows you to raise the umbrella height twice as high as most market umbrellas.


The right size patio umbrella for your table will depend on the height of the table and how far away you want to set it.

We recommend that you measure both before buying an umbrella, but we also offer a handy chart above with some recommendations based on common scenarios.


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