Patio Heaters: How They work and Practical Uses



How Do Patio Heaters Work?

A patio heater is something that many people will enjoy during the cold winter months. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, or just relax by yourself and listen to some music.

But how does it work? And what practical uses can you use them for? In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions and more!

How Do Patio Heaters Work?

Patio heaters work by burner propane or natural gas to create a flame. This is similar to how traditional patio torches and fireplaces work as well, but instead of being contained in one area, they can be spread out over multiple feet, creating more warmth for you!

In some cases, the burner will have an electric element on it as well that heats up coils or something similar through induction heating.

Induction heating works by sending electricity into these metals which induce a current within them, causing heat buildup where currents are moving quickly (ie near the surface).

Eventually this current flows throughout the entire metal object which causes it to become very hot – fast enough so that even if oxygen levels aren’t high enough around it to keep combustion burning smoothly, there’s still enough heat to keep it hot enough for comfort.

That’s the gist of how patio heaters work, but there are many different varieties out there with different features depending on your preferences and needs!

There are ones that use propane or natural gas as fuel sources (though usually only one at a time), some have electric elements instead of just induction heating, and some come in multiple parts so you can choose where to place them without having any extra stands lying around.

Some even feature built-in wheels so they’re super easy to transport from indoors during winter months all the way outside when spring comes along again!

How do I find practical uses for my patio heater?

There are several things you could probably use them for other than their main purpose of keeping you warm on chilly evenings! Here are just some suggestions based on the most common types.

Propane patio heaters

These usually have a hose that connects to your propane tank which is used as fuel, so they’re perfect for being hooked up while camping in colder weather or away from any power sources.

You can use them while out there during cold nights and days while picnicking or cooking over an open fire without having to worry about finding enough wood around to keep the fire going!

This makes these heaters great for heating up garages or other large areas of the house where you need a lot of heat but don’t want to put it in one spot. This is because when things get hot they’ll start giving off that energy as well, and within just minutes everything around your heater will be warm instead!

Natural gas patio heaters

These are very similar to their propane counterparts except they use natural gas from inside your home’s supply line rather than having to hook up an extra tank outside (which makes them much safer).

If you already have this installed then using these may actually save some money on fuel costs since most homes with central heating also have natural gas which heats water and the furnace.

Induction electric patio heaters

It’s a bit rarer to find these types of heaters since induction heating is also quite expensive and usually only found in higher quality appliances.

However, they’re still very useful for those who want something quick and easy – simply plug it into the nearest outlet and turn it on!

All you need to do then is adjust how hot or cold you’d like things by turning up or down the power level accordingly (unlike gas which needs some time before actually heating up).


There are many practical uses for your patio heater as long as you know what type will work best with your home’s setup as well as any other factors that may be involved such as where you wish to place it.

If there isn’t an electric source nearby, there are other options out there to choose from.

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