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What's The Difference Between A Patio And A Verandah?

The patio and verandah are two similar outdoor areas that often get confused. The patio is a paved area outside your house, while the verandah is an enclosed porch or balcony.

A verandah may have railings to keep you from falling off, but it doesn’t necessarily need them. Your patio will not have railing unless you add them later.

What’s The Difference Between A Patio And A Verandah?

There is a big difference between patios and verandahs, but not everyone understands the differences. Here are some of them:

A patio is usually an extension of your home so you can use it for entertaining guests, relaxing, or just spending time alone.

A veranda on the other hand is not connected directly to your home but more like access from outside into another part of the house such as the front door entranceway.

A porch (or “veranda”), on the other hand usually refers to an exterior covered entranceway or section of the hallway in front of the door leading into any part of a building (such as homes).

A popular modern use for a porch involves attaching one end permanently to the building and adding a roof, often with a rail around the perimeter to aid in keeping it clean.

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Different Types Of Patios

There are several different types of patios to fit your needs. Decide which type you would like before beginning any construction as this will determine size and location.


Most often, a patio is placed over soil or gravel but there have been some that have been installed on slabs of concrete or even wood decks.

Patio materials can be broken into two groups: natural stone versus man-made material such as brick, flagstone, composites, etc., so decide what fits best with the style and feel you’re going for in your yard.

For example, if you want a rustic country look then choose stones from nature but for an urban contemporary setting install durable tile flooring instead.

If considering using bricks, make sure they are all uniform in color and size. Also, make sure that the mortar between them is straight or you could end up with an uneven patio.

If constructed properly, patios are great spaces for entertaining family and friends as well as relaxing by yourself on a nice summer day.

Different Types Of Verandas

There are many different types of verandas. They can be used to decorate a home or restaurant and provide an outdoor living space.

Some people use them as rooftop gardens, others for dining purposes, and some just like the view they provide. A veranda is actually another term for porch; it usually refers to rooms that have been enclosed with walls on all sides but one (like a gazebo).


The distinction between a patio and verandah is often blurred, but the main difference resides in their intended use.

Patios are most commonly used as an outdoor living or dining space, while verandahs are typically reserved for entrances to homes.

A typical porch may be called both a veranda or a porch depending on where you live!


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