[HOW TO] Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps (Pictures)


Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Do you have some old patio furniture that needs a little makeover? Well, this is the article for you! We will be going over how to paint your old patio furniture with vinyl straps.

We’ll also talk about what materials and tools are needed, as well as the steps to getting it done. So, let’s get started!

Tools You Will Need

TowelsPainter’s tape
RagsMasking paper
Coarse spongeAcrylic latex spray primer
Dish soapFlexible vinyl spray paint
Heavy-duty fabric drop clothPaint Brush

Now that we know what tools are needed for this project, let’s move on to gathering the supplies! You will want to make sure you have all of your materials before getting started.

Steps To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Layout the patio furniture. You want to make sure that you have a wide enough area for it, and that there are no obstacles in your way.

Clear away any plants or other items as well so they don’t get damaged during painting time!

Step 1: Cleaning Patio Furniture

Steps To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Now, this part is optional but highly recommended; wipe down the furniture with warm water and dish soap before starting anything else so that the surface is clean and free of debris.

Once finished, make sure to dry it off thoroughly.

Step 2: Sand the Furniture

Use your sandpaper to rough up the surface of your furniture. This will help get some grip for when you paint it and also ensure that there are no bumps or textures on the finished product.

Once you’re satisfied with your work, move on to step three!

Step 3: Prime the Furniture

Steps To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Spray all exposed surfaces with primer and let it dry for about two hours before applying your first coat of exterior latex house paint in the desired shade (we suggest using white).

Step 4: Painting

Steps To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Now you’re ready for the fun part! Grab your paint and rollers, as well as any other painting tools that may be needed such as a brush or roller frame if necessary (we recommend using foam brushes!).

Decide what color scheme you want to go with before getting started so there’s no surprise at the end of things when you realize they don’t match in person.

We went with black because we had some already from a previous project, but whatever colors work best for you is fine too!

Use painter’s tape around all edges of furniture pieces on top and bottom surfaces were desired to seal them off while painting; this will help prevent anything from getting onto areas that are not meant to be painted.

Start by painting an even coat on one side, and then flipping it over to get a second coat this ensures that there are no rough or uneven areas when you’re finished!

Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes before moving on to step four.

Steps To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Steps To Paint Vinyl Straps

Vinyl strapping is a great material to use in various industries. It can be used as straps, handles, belts, and much more.

Vinyl strapping has many advantages over other types of materials like plastic or leather for example.

One of the biggest benefits vinyl straps provides is that it doesn’t absorb water which makes it good for outdoor applications where it might get wet often.

The process of painting vinyl strapping is similar to any other type of surface, but there are some unique properties you should consider that make it different than paint on a wall or ceiling for example.

PRO TIP: Do Not paint over dirty vinyl straps or this will cause your paint to peel. Only Use paint that is flexible paint to paint your vinyl strappings. Or it will just crack and peel off. You Can View the recommended vinyl paint we have listed.

We have always used Dupli-Color for all our Vinyl projects and it works great and they offer a great range of colors.

The texture and color will change depending on the hardware store you purchase from because each location has its own brand and the formula they’ll use when manufacturing so we recommend going with what your supplier recommends as well if possible; this includes the primer too. You Can Find Some Popular Brands Here on Amazon

It’s important not to mix brands in order to maintain consistency throughout the project. There are two main methods that people use: roll-on or spray method

With that being said let’s get into painting vinyl Strappings:

Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Step 1: Cleaning

To clean vinyl strapping, wash it off with a sponge and dish soap. Dry the vinyl with towels to evaporate any moisture on the surface of the strapping.

Step 2: Sanding

Sand down the surface of the strap so it is rough and not smooth. This helps for a better grip on the brush while painting, but also makes sure that there are no remaining particles on top when you go to sand again after painting.

Step 3: Masking

Cover the patio furniture frame with tape so that when you paint the vinyl straps, the paint will not get on the furniture itself.

Step 4: Prime The Vinyl Straps

Check the label on your flexible vinyl paint to see if it requires a base layer of primer. If it does, prime the rubber strapping with an acrylic latex primer before you begin spraying.

Spray at an 8-inch distance to avoid over spraying when applying.

Allow the strapping to dry for two hours after painting; otherwise, skip this step if your flexible vinyl spray paint doesn’t require a bonding primer

Step 5: Paint

Paint from one side of the strap to another with horizontal strokes going in opposite directions (like an X). You will end up with two colors at every point where this color splits which creates a really cool effect as you move across your piece.

Repeat these steps until all desired areas have been covered or if more than four coats need to be applied before complete coverage.

If you are using spray paint To spray vinyl strapping, coat the straps with flexible vinyl spray paint.

Spray paint the straps in a similar fashion to how you primed it and allow for six hours of drying time.

(BONUS) Tips:

  • Try to use the same color for your straps as you would paint the furniture. This way, it’ll look like they were always there and part of the design!
  • If you choose to use white vinyl strips instead of a different colored strap, be sure that it’s high quality so that over time it won’t start to crack or peel off.
  • Include an outdoor type of paint for the best durability and desired look.

Can vinyl strapping be painted?

It is possible to paint vinyl strapping, but one must take precautions when applying the paint. The paint will reduce their flexibility by about 60% so it may make them more difficult to work with depending on what you need out of your straps.

Vinyl does not like petroleum-based paints due to the way its surface interacts with it. Only use Flexible Paint or spray paint. You Can find some Here

Can you paint plastic straps on patio furniture?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Paint can crack and peel over time as the plastic strap gets hot from sunlight or when in contact with liquid. We Recommend using flexible paint or spray paint if you want to paint your plastic straps.

It may be better to replace them altogether if they are worn out. This will provide a more long-term solution for your needs!


Paint can be a great way to give furniture a fresh new look. It’s also easy enough for anyone with an interest in DIY projects and the right tools, to do themselves.

Hope this article showed you how to paint vinyl furniture using some simple steps that are sure-fire ways of achieving professional results without paying high prices at your local store.

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