[True Weight] How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold?


Most porch swings have a maximum weight capacity of over 500 pounds. Almost all “Porch Swing Chains” are rated at this level, which is determined by the chain’s strength.

Porch swings are a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. And, as it turns out, they’re also an excellent place for you or your kids to take naps!

You might not think that such a gentle swing could hold much weight at all. But as we found out in our recent porch swing test, there’s actually quite a lot of hidden strength in these humble outdoor fixtures.

They’re a lot more durable than lawn chairs and, when correctly built, may provide a lot of support. However, if you’re a big guy, you might be hesitant to use one or share one with a friend.

Do not be alarmed! I’ve done my homework and am ready to tell you how much weight a porch swing can support.

So How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold?

This varies with each model, but it all comes down to the material quality of the porch swing and the strength of the mounting hardware.

While some porch swings are designated for a lower overall weight capacity, increasing the weight restriction is typically as simple as updating the mounting hardware.

Let’s start by looking at different porch swing chairs and how they could affect your setup’s weight limit.

How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold

Porch Swing Weight Rating

Mountable porch swings rated for 800 pounds (363 kg) or more are readily available. This is a lot of weight, and these kinds of figures may meet a lot of people’s demands. Let’s take a look at several heavy-duty porch swing possibilities before we go shopping for mounting hardware.

The weight of 800 pounds for a porch swing is great right?. However, the price of such a piece of patio furniture reflects its quality 100 percent.

Is the weight restriction affected if the price is reduced? Let’s have a look at a different model.

How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold

Finally, consider the weight capacity of a low-cost porch swing. This is the cheapest but best-reviewed porch swing alternative I could find with a reasonable weight rating.

This is one of the best heavy-duty porch swings for adults

How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold

Two things should be clear from these examples:

  • From $80-$150, the weight restriction for porch swings doesn’t alter significantly.
  • The closer you go to $200, the higher the quality becomes.

However, as I stated at the outset of this article, the porch swing is only one piece of the puzzle. The weight capacity of your porch swing is also influenced by the mounting hardware.

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Swing Mounting Hardware Weight Limits

The majority of porch swing mounting hardware can easily support 1000 pounds. Even taking into consideration the swing’s weight, this should be sufficient in most cases.

However, you may have noticed that there’s one major component I haven’t covered yet: the chain!

What is the maximum weight that a normal porch swing chain can support? Based on the trade size, you may expect the following ratings when using a pair of conventional double loop chains during installation.

Trade SizeWeight Limit (2 chains)
1/0400 lbs (181 kg)
2/0510 lbs (231 kg)
3/0610 lbs (276 kg)
4/0730 lbs (331 kg)
5/0870 lbs (395 kg)
6/01020 lbs (463 kg)
8/01410 lbs (640 kg)
How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold

As you can see, depending on the trade size you choose, the weight restriction of a standard porch swing can range from 400 to 1400 lbs. Keep this in mind while selecting your heavy-duty hardware.

I’m guessing your next question will be how much weight can a free standing porch swing hold?

Let’s have a look

Weight Capacity For Free Standing Porch Swings

Maybe you are interested in a free-standing porch swing rather than a standard porch swing?

I used to own one of these, therefore I wholeheartedly recommend them. But how much weight can a free-standing porch swing support?

It varies on the type of free-standing porch swing, as it does with most things. Let’s look at several instances to figure out what the average weight capacity is.

Weight Capacity For Free Standing Porch Swings

It’s unsurprising that a free-standing, solid-wood porch swing can support a reasonable amount of weight (although not quite as much as the mounted porch swings above). Let’s examine how one of the best-rated steel free-standing porch swings stacks up.

Weight Capacity For Free Standing Porch Swings

With those figures, we can see that free-standing porch swings can support a weight of 500-750 pounds on average.

As you can see, this is a lot less than the mounting alternatives we showed you before.

People are putting up porch swing beds instead of conventional porch swings, which is a new fad!

Porch Swing Beds Weight Capacity

I had believed that the weight capacity of porch swing beds would reflect the reality that people would be laying down on them (completely suspended). However, the models I examined were underwhelming.

Porch swing beds were not only more costly, but they also had a weight capacity of roughly 450 pounds, according to my research.

Here’s a link to one of the nicer models I discovered if you’re interested in seeing one.

Porch Swing Springs Weight Capacity

Porch swing springs soften the swinging action of your porch swing, but what impact do they have on the weight capacity?

Regrettably, they might restrict the rated weight limit of your installed porch swing greatly.

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Most porch swing sets of springs are only rated for 600-700 pounds.

I found these ones rated at much more

For many people, this weight restriction is adequate. For some, skipping the porch swing springs and merely attaching the chain to the mounting hardware may suffice.

Rope Porch Swing Capacity

The average rope porch swing has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. That is a lot of weight, so it should be able to hold the majority of people.

Weight capacity varies depending on the type of swing. If you are looking for something lighter, a cotton rope porch swing might be what you are looking for.

Cotton rope swings have an average weight per foot but they can only hold up to 200 pounds without tipping over.

If you want to convert your existing chain porch swing to a heavy-duty porch rope swing I found a heavy-duty porch swing rope HERE

However, it is important to always follow the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

Porch Swing Rope Kit

This is the perfect solution if you need to replace your old, frayed rope on your porch swing.

It’s a great way to spruce up your old porch swing and give it a fresh new look. It’s easy to install, too!

We found some great porch swing rope kits HERE


A porch swing’s maximum capacity is typically over 500 pounds. The chain’s strength is almost always rated at this level, which is determined by the chain’s durability.

A porch swing is typically held by a loop of chains on the front and back legs. If you’re looking for an estimate, it’s best to use 500 pounds as your maximum weight capacity when considering how much weight can a porch swing hold.

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