How Far Should Seating Be From A Fire Pit?



One of the most common questions we get is how far should seating be from a fire pit? With so many variables, it’s hard to give one answer that will satisfy everyone.

We have put together some guidelines for you to follow when deciding on the perfect distance for your patio or backyard area.

In order to have a relaxing backyard, you need the perfect fire pit for your yard. Whether it is built-in or propane gas, having that focal point will bring everyone together and serve as a place to sit around and enjoy each other’s company.

To ensure that this experience is exactly what you want out of your fire pit though there are some things to consider when planning where seating should be within easy access from the Pit itself.

How Far Should Seating Be From A Fire Pit

How Far Should Seating Be From A Fire Pit?

The recommended distance between chairs and your wood burning fire pit is around seven feet (2 Meters). And for a propane fire pit a recommended distance of 3 feet (1 Meter).

Wood-burning fire pits produce significantly more heat than gas fire pits. You can sit closer to a gas fire pit. Not only that, but because a gas fire pit burns steadily, you don’t have to move your chair around for the ideal warmth since you are already seated.

Make sure that there’s enough space for guests to walk through if they want to get closer or further away from the fire pit.

It’s important not to block traffic flow with furniture! You also don’t want people walking into an area where hot embers might fall on their feet!

So keep this in mind when deciding which direction your seating will face. A nice wide-open corner works best so everyone can see what’s going on around them too!

Keep it safe friends – stay aware of who is around you and your fire pit at all times!

How Far Should A Bench Be From A Fire Pit?

A good rule of thumb for fire pit bench seating is to provide at least seven feet of clearance around the fire pit’s perimeter.

The room provided by this distance allows visitors to move freely about the benches, as well as the furniture itself. It also gives people the option of moving the benches away from the flames if they’re too hot.

If the space is too small, it will feel crowded and awkward. People may even be forced to sit close together on benches or furniture if they want a good view of the fire pit – which can lead to uncomfortable situations and feelings between people (especially those who aren’t familiar with one another).

If the space is too large, people may feel as if they have nothing to do or see other than the fire itself.

Addition – One good way of adding a feeling of intimacy without closing up any spaces around your fire pit seating area is to use centrally-placed benches that are away from the fire’s perimeter.

Placing one bench right in front of another can close off that section of your outdoor room, but two “facing” ones can provide allure and comfort without sacrificing much open space at all.

How Far Should A Chair Be From A Fire Pit?

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 7 feet of space around the perimeter of a fire pit, which will allow enough room for chairs or other furniture as well as comfortable walking space.

If you’re still unsure about the size, marking the fire pit and placing chairs around it is a good way to figure out how much space you’ll need.

The first step in determining how much space you’ll need for a fire pit and seating area is to determine the size of the pit.

Typically, fire pits are placed in the center to be enjoyed from all sides, so make sure there is enough room around it for chairs.

Also, make sure there’s enough room for people to safely walk around the pit.

You want there to be plenty of room for people to sit but not so much that those seated have no place to scoot over if someone else needs to get by.

Determine the minimum number of chairs you think you’ll need, and then add a few more seats just in case. It’s easier to see how this works with a visual aid.

How Many Chairs Can You Have Around a Fire Pit?

You may have between two and six large chairs for a wood-burning fire pit, whereas two to four chairs are ideal for a gas fire pit.

Four to six chairs can surround a large-sized pit for an extended amount of time without feeling too crowded.

A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard, but you have to consider several factors when choosing the right one.

The number of chairs that will fit around it is only one factor. You must also take into consideration how big the space around it will be and what material you would like your fire pit made out of.

It’s best if this decision can be made before purchasing so there are no problems down the road with installation or use!

What Type of Chairs Are Good Around a Fire Pit?

Adirondack chairs are the most popular option for fire pit sitting. They are low comfortable chairs with a wide armrest that hold snacks and drinks.

When it comes to fire pits, fire safety should always be a top priority. The most fire-resistant chairs are those made of steel or aluminum and do not have any cushions.

They may also be the most convenient for you. Many people, on the other hand, will prefer cushioned seating.

Soft, cushioned chairs will not withstand fire. Sunbrella, for example, is a flame-resistant fabric. You can, however, use a fire retardant on your plush cushioned chairs.

Fabric must be able to withstand heat in order to be fire-resistant. It’s difficult to catch fire with fire-resistant (FR) fabric, but when it does, the fire burns so slowly that it self-extinguishes.

The term “fire retardant” refers to a fabric that has been treated with a chemical to make it fire-resistant.

The bottom line is that you must be cautious of embers from a wood-burning fire unless you prefer metal fire pit chairs.

A fire pit should never be left unattended. Always keep a fire blanket, sand bucket, water bucket, small water spray bottle, or fire extinguisher on hand.

Be prepared to douse embers if they fall onto a cushioned chair.

Are Built-in Benches a Good Idea Around Fire Pits?

Benches are an excellent idea for firepits since they provide more seating at once. Benches increase the number of people who can sit around a fire pit significantly, and they also add to the look of the pit.

Today, more homeowners make a decision to add a fire pit in their backyard. It is not only about the warmth and beauty of these outdoor features but also about enjoying family time together while relaxing around the fire.

One issue that arises after building your new fire pit is safety concerns. You need to find an appropriate place for it – one where you won’t have any troubles with children or pets playing near it for example!

In addition, built-in benches can come really useful when having friends over together with your significant other too.

There are many options out there from custom-designed wooden planks fitted into natural rocks or manmade stones through to stone slabs placed on top of precast concrete blocks which may be easily removed if needed.

How Do You Arrange Chairs Around A Fire Pit?

Fire pits are the ideal centerpiece for your outdoor space because they provide light and warmth while also serving as a coffee table. Set out the throw blankets, pillows, and tumblers in your outdoor space and gather around the glow of a seasonal fire.

Here are some quick pointers for setting up your patio furniture around your fire pit:

Individual chairs and a round fire pit

How Do You Arrange Chairs Around A Fire Pit

The most equitable of all shapes, a circular fire pit is likely to work in any type of patio space. Because the fire pit’s perimeter is limited, this shape might work best with a few individual chairs arranged around it.

Square fire pit & sectional sofa

How Do You Arrange Chairs Around A Fire Pit

With a sectional couch, you can increase seating options and create a cozy chat area. Sectional seating pairs well with block fire pits, especially when both sides of the couch are the same size.

When it comes to dimensions, a distance of 7 feet between the edge of the fire pit and the edge of the seating area is ideal.

This measurement can vary depending on the scale of the components, but 18″ provides ample leg room while remaining within arm’s reach if you want to set a plate, book, or glass on the ledge surrounding the fire pit.

Rectangular fire pit & sofa

How Do You Arrange Chairs Around A Fire Pit

When it comes to spreading the warmth, a long, linear fire pit is both elegant and practical. Make sure the fire pit’s horizontal surface is the same height as or slightly lower than the seat of adjacent furniture.

You’ll be able to see across the fire pit and chat with people on the other side. Most seating options are available with a rectangular fire pit.

Depending on the length of the fire pit and the number of guests you’d like to accommodate, a full-sized sofa and a pair of love seats can be combined to create a conversation area.

Again, a distance of 7 feet between the fire pit and seating is a good rule of thumb, but it can be customized depending on the size of your patio or terrace.


The conclusion of this article is that you should keep the distance between your seating and a fire pit at around 7 feet.

This will give people enough space to feel comfortable without feeling too far away from the heat or flames.

As always make sure safety precautions are taken first before designing any outdoor living spaces!

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