Patio Guru Answers: How far apart should patio lights be?



How far apart should patio lights be

The distance between patio lights can be a difficult question to answer. There are many factors that go into the decision, including the size of your space, whether you need lighting for safety or ambiance, and how much you want to spend on electrical power.

We have compiled all of our knowledge into this blog post so that you can find out the best solution for your needs.

How Far Apart Should Patio Lights Be?

You should have no less than 2 feet between each fixture. This is so that there’s enough space for people walking through without being blinded by two bright lights at once!

Place them evenly from one another on either side of your backyard as well as directly in front and behind any seating areas with tables.

It’s important not only to put some closer together within those spaces but also to keep others spread throughout the yard because this will create a more balanced look.

Don’t forget about the path! If it’s well-lit, people will be able to see where they’re going and won’t trip over any unseen objects in their way as easily which is always important when dealing with kids running around everywhere!

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How Far Can Patio Lights Span?

8 to 10 feet is perfect for any patio. To be on the safe side never over-expand your patio lights. You also want to make sure that you have a sturdy extension cord to prevent overloading the power outlet.

The average patio light string is 48 feet long and can be stretched around a seating area for extra illumination. You may want to consider getting another light if you plan on decorating your entire lawn or garden with lights this year.

How Many Feet Of String Lights Do I Need For Patio?

There are a number of factors that go into determining how many feet of string lights you need for the patio.

The first thing to consider is the size of your patio or outdoor space, followed by what kind of ambiance you want to create with these lights.

For example, if you’re looking to have fun and cute lighting at an event like a wedding reception, then 250-300 feet should be perfect!

If you just want some soft ambient light for backyard gatherings in the evenings, 50-100 feet will do just fine.

How Do You Calculate Patio String Lights?

The distance between bulbs – this is measured in feet and refers to how far apart each bulb on your strand will be from one another.

For example, if the specification for your chosen set shows ‘100’ as their spacing measurement, then every 100 inches (or about 12 ft) you should expect a new light at the end of its line.

The length of cord/wire needed or desired – which can vary depending upon where exactly you intend to use them!

Height above ground level- anywhere from 0-18ft may work well but obviously higher than 18ft would need some extra planning around trees, etc.

Cord/wire thickness – the thicker and more insulated, the better. The number of light sockets per string- if you intend to use them as a series (i.e having one long cord with several lights on), then you will need at least two or three sockets in each strand depending upon your chosen length

In order to calculate how many feet are required for your purposes, simply take into consideration all of these factors!

Using our example from above: 100 inches between bulbs + 12ft height = total minimum distance of 112 ft needed so we would recommend going for a 16ft set.

What Is The Best Way To Hang Patio String Lights?

  1. String lights along your fence.
  2. Hang strings of lights from poles placed on the corners of your deck.
  3. Run lights along your deck railing.
  4. Hang lights back and forth along the inside your deck pergola or gazebo.
  5. String lights in backyard trees.
  6. String lights from a tree to your deck space, so your yard is lit up.

How Do You Hang Outdoor String Lights Without Nails?

There are many different ways to hang outdoor string lights without nails. Here are some ideas:

We recommend using zip ties instead of screws or nails because they do not damage the exterior walls and you can remove them if necessary.

If you need more permanent lighting, we suggest looking at our garden solar string lights. They don’t require any plugs for power since they run on sunlight!

You can also use these hanging flower pots that act as both planters and lanterns, which makes it easy to place your outside lighting anywhere in your yard or patio area.

These lanterns have LED bulbs so you won’t have to worry about changing lightbulbs every other day either!

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