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The best way to get rid of hoverflies on a patio is using a fan, fly repellent, fly trap and provide plants with nectar and pollen.

Hoverflies are an annoyance that many people deal with on their patio. These insects can be difficult to get rid of, but luckily there are some steps you can take to make your life easier.

Hoverflies are a common problem in the summertime. They hover around and land on your food, drink, and even you!

Hoverflies, also known as flower flies, are pollen and nectar-feeding insects. Because they resemble wasps, their coloring often causes confusion.

They do not have stingers, so you will not be harmed. Their larvae are natural aphid predators who can be beneficial to your garden.

Many people, in fact, attempt to attract these flies for this reason.

How to Get Rid of Hoverflies On Your Patio

How to Get Rid of Hoverflies On Your Patio

If you want to get rid of hoverflies, there are a number of options available. Take a look at the options below for getting rid of hoverflies in your patio and home.

1. Make A Hoverfly Trap

You can make your own hoverfly trap by using a few common household items and some bait.

Flytraps can be used to get rid of hoverflies, but this will kill them. You may not have a choice if they are in your house or taking over your patio.


These are a variety of effective fly traps that will eliminate your hoverfly problem.

Water Fly Trap with Sugar

In a bowl, dissolve some sugar in water and cover it with plastic wrap. Make some holes in the plastic, and the flies will fly in due to the sugar’s attraction.

Hoverfly Vinegar Trap

Vinegar works well as a hoverfly bait. Combine vinegar and a drop of dish soap in a soda bottle that has been cut in half.

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Wrap plastic wrap around the top and poke some holes in it. When the flies enter to get the vinegar, they will become stuck by the soap.

Flytrap Plants

Venus FlyTrap and Sundew, are carnivorous plants that will kill the flies for you.

Fly Tape

You can buy sticky fly traps that you can hang up and attract flies to. They are coated in a substance that attracts flies, such as corn oil.

They will become entangled in the trap and die as a result.

Fly Zapper

Hang a fly zapper on your patio, and hoverflies will be drawn to it and die if they come into contact with it. It zaps them with electricity, we found great ones here

2. Make a Fly Repellent

Making a fly repellent is another option. Many different items can be used as a natural repellent for hoverflies, and they will also work on other types of nagging flies.

Natural repellents are great because you won’t have to worry about harming your pets or children.

Vinegar, soap, and water

Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle, and spray the area where the hoverflies live.

Lemon and Cloves

If you cut a lemon in half and rub cloves all over it, you can place it outside near the hoverfly’s home.

Citronella Smoke

To keep these flies away from your patio or garden, use citronella oil or citronella candles. They’ll be quickly chased away by the smoke.

Citrus Fruit Peels

Citrus fruit peels are also effective at repelling flies of all kinds. They will move away if you put them where the hoverflies are congregating.

Hoverflies and other flying pests will be deterred by a mixture of apple cider vinegar, mineral oil, dish soap, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and basil oil.

Because it has a strong odor, you’ll want to use it outside.

3. Use A Fan

You can use a fan if the hoverflies are on your patio and you have an outlet. They don’t like the fan, so they’ll leave and look for a new place to live.

You’ll have to be patient and keep the fan running throughout the day until the hoverflies move on. If they return, re-start the fan.

4. Use Plants with Nectar and Pollen

Although hoverflies can be annoying, providing them with plants where they can feed on nectar and pollen is the best thing you can do.

Hoverflies are good for your garden, and their larvae help to keep pests away.

Hoverflies will not bother you or fly over to the patio if you strategically plant plants that attract them.

5. Keep your garden dry

Millions of insects, such as mosquitoes and hoverflies, breed in a pool of standing water. Insects lay eggs and drink from sitting water.

Flies will not breed in your garden if it is kept dry.

6. Spray insecticide

If you’re still having trouble, you can use traditional insecticides like powders and sprays.

These are efficient, but they frequently contain toxic ingredients that can harm children and pets.

Consider purchasing these less toxic insecticides, which are available on Amazon.

Spray them in areas where flies are a problem.

What do hoverflies like to eat the most?

Hoverflies are attracted to sweet smells because pollen and nectar are their primary food sources.

They are also attracted to rotting fruit, which is full of living yeast that has a similar smell.

Hoverflies can be found in most gardens or farms and will not cause any harm.

They eat aphids and often keep the number down by eating their eggs before they hatch into new adults.

How long do hoverflies live?

In the summer, hoverflies live for about 10-12 days. Some species, on the other hand, live longer in the winter and shorter in the summer.

Hammerschmidtia ferruginea hoverflies, for example, can live for up to 55 days if they have enough food and water.

What does a hoverfly nest look like?

A hoverfly nest is a simple structure, made from the plant down and saliva. It looks like a tiny bird’s nest.

A single female will lay up to 100 eggs in one nesting material! Each egg hatches into a larva, which becomes an adult within six weeks.

What does a hoverfly nest look like
hoverfly nest

The larvae grow very quickly—up to two inches long or longer at their largest stage of development!

They have voracious appetites for aphid pests that eat plants we care about.

In fact, there are more than five thousand species of hoverflies around the world, with over 200 found in North America alone!


Hoverflies have a yellow and black body that makes them look like wasps. They will not, however, bite or sting you.

Pollen and nectar are their main sources of nutrition, and they play an important role in pollination. Their larvae eat garden pests and lay eggs near aphids. For this reason, many people try to attract hoverflies to their gardens.

You may need to contain hoverflies if they are congregating near your patio or attempting to enter your home. Plants that attract them can be placed away from your home.

You can also use natural deterrents made at home to keep them away. They dislike fans as well as citronella smoke.


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