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Do Patio Homes Have Basements?

Do patio homes have basements? There are many different types of houses that people live in, and one type is the patio home. Many people wonder if these homes come with a basement because they are so spacious.

This blog post will answer all your questions about patio homes, including whether they have basements or not!

Do Patio Homes Have Basements?

Yes, they do. Patio homes are usually single-story, and they’re built on concrete slabs that act as the patio floor. This is called a crawlspace foundation and most of them have basements under their patios!

Some think this is counterintuitive because most people don’t associate ‘basement’ with anything other than houses with brick or stone foundations – but in fact, there’s nothing wrong with having one underneath your patio home!

Basements aren’t just for starter castles anymore; they can be all sorts of things nowadays, not just storage spaces or rooms to grow into. Some homeowners use them as wine cellars, game rooms, rec centers…the sky really is the limit when you own some space underground!

If you’re a homeowner in the market for a patio home, take a close look at the crawlspace foundation.

You might be surprised to find out that it’s actually hiding something much more valuable under there!

Many people looking for a new home are finding that the houses they want to buy do not come with basements. The lack of available space in these homes is one issue, but another concern is whether or not patio homes have basement alternatives like crawl spaces and garages.

There are pros and cons to each option. Whether you choose an attached garage, closed-in porch, storage room, etc.


It will need extra work done before moving into your house. If possible, try to find out what type of foundations were used during construction so you can make the most informed decision on how much post-purchase remodeling needs to be done!

The vast majority of patios do not have any sort of basement or underground space to store belongings.

If your home has an attached garage on one side and no other features like porches, decks, garages, etc., then odds are it does not contain an additional storage area below ground level.

However, if your house was built before 1960 and the 1970s when this design became popularized with suburban developments, there may be some truth in what you’re asking!

For example, older houses often had attics that sometimes contained unfinished spaces for storing things like furniture or supplies; these rooms were known as “lofts” and the area below them was often referred to as a “basement.”

What is the difference between a patio home and a carriage home?

A patio home is a type of detached single-family dwelling, generally with less square footage than other types. A carriage-style house that has been built to look like it fits in the neighborhood but gives homeowners more options for living and entertaining spaces such as dining rooms, sunrooms, and patios because they are not attached to another structure.



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