[Choosing] The Right Fire Pit Ring and Insert!



The Right Fire Pit Ring and Insert!

It can be difficult to find the right fire pit ring for your needs. You have to take into account size, style, and how much heat you want it to produce.

With so many decisions to make, it is understandable that people would rather spend their time enjoying a nice fire than worrying about which one they should get.

However, if you are interested in buying a new ring for your fire pit or fireplace hearth, we have compiled all of the information you need to choose the best option for your home!

What Is A Fire Pit Ring Insert?

A fire pit ring insert is a metal frame that fits inside the edge of your current fire pit.

The steel insert will provide an additional layer of insulation and help to reduce condensation on the side walls by preventing heat from escaping through them.

A good rule of thumb for sizing up which size you need is based on how high off the ground your surround sits, so if yours stands 12 inches tall, buy a 12 inch-high insert; 16 inches -buy a 16 inch-high one, etc.

Choosing The Right Fire Pit Ring and Insert
A Fire Pit Insert Made From Metal

Types Of Fire Ring Inserts

The basic round shape

This one will be long enough, so there won’t be any part hanging off when it’s resting over the edge of the existing fire pit. This type has no holes in the surface and is perfect for cooking food on.

The square shape

This one will be a little bit shorter to allow space at each end but still provide ample room in the middle of it where people can enjoy their fire or get closer to cook food.

A rectangle type

These are typically taller than they are wide, so if there’s not much storage area around your fire pit, this might work better for you as it doesn’t take up too much extra space.

Another option has holes cut out from different sections that make them more versatile. You’ll use them for roasting marshmallows over an open flame or using them as a grill with side handles which would easily double as holders for utensils.

The last one is more of a square shape but it has slots in the surface which allow you to cook on it without having hot spots or problems with spacing out your food too much.

Choosing The Right Fire Pit Ring and Insert
Types Of Fire Pit Rings and Inserts From Manufactures

What Is A Fire Pit Ring Insert?

This is a steel ring that is simply shaped out of metal. These circular rings are typically placed on the ground, and then wood, kindling, and tinder can be added to light it up.

They have no bottom so your fuel is on the ground. Many will have decorative cut-outs, making an outdoor fireplace more aesthetically pleasing.

Some people might choose fire pit rings for their aesthetic appeal, as they enhance the look and feel of an already beautiful outdoor area.

Others will get them because they don’t want to have ashes all over their patio furniture or anything else that’s nearby when there’s a sudden gusty wind.

Whatever your reasoning behind getting one may be, these are great additions to any type of backyard gathering!

Types Of Fire Rings

In the US, there are two types of fire rings. They include; open fire ring, enclosed fire ring.

The type you choose will depend on your needs for it as well as what is being cooked in the pit or grill that determines which one to use.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of fire ring that will affect what you choose.

Open Fire Ring

It’s also good for cooking things like sausages, corn on the cob or potatoes as they don’t need high heat but most everything else does.

Around 14% more wood is needed when using an open fire ring because it provides less radiant energy than enclosed rings do which means there isn’t enough heat being distributed.

Enclosed Fire Ring

The enclosed fireplace should only be used when children are not present since they could easily knock over a log rack and light up anything nearby into flames without realizing what’s happening until it’s too late.

It also should not be used when there is any type of moving objects nearby since the sparks from it could reach them and ignite the object into flames as well.

The enclosed fireplace is perfect for heat and cooking anything where you need high heat, steady temperature, or both such as steaks on an open grill at the same time that ribs are being cooked in an oven set to 350°F.

They’re made with cast iron fireboxes that last longer than other materials like steel because they don’t rust.

Choosing The Right Fire Pit Ring and Insert

How to Choose the Best Fire Pit Ring for You

There are two types of rings that you can purchase.

The first is a traditional rectangular shaped ring, which may be the best option for those who want to use their fire pit as an additional source of heat and ambiance in their outdoor living space or backyard fireplace.

These come with either sloped sides or straight edges; this decision will depend on your preference and how you intend to use it.

The second type of ring is a circular model that has an opening at the top, which can also be rectangular in shape.

These are best for those who would like to have their fire pit as more of a focal point because they offer more depth than rectangle options.

As with traditional designs, there are also both sloped and straight edges to choose from.

Here is My Top Fire Pit Rings Based On Size, Quality and Price

Top 5 Fire Pit Rings

Fire Pit Ring, Fire Pit Ring Insert

1. Sunnydaze Square Fire Pit Ring 36 inch square

The square fire pit is 36 inches by 36 inches wide and 10 inches deep with a maximum of 12,000 BTUs per hour which means it’s going to need quite a bit of space around the area for safety purposes.

The steel construction makes it durable while also being easy to clean and maintain because all you have to do is hose it off when needed!

With the Sunnydaze Square Fire Pit, you can rinse out ashes from the grill so there aren’t any leftovers in your yard or patio at the end of a fun night.

Sunnydaze Steel Square Above-/In-Ground Fire Pit Insert – 36-Inch Outer Diameter (30-Inch Inner…
  • Large size: The metal fire pit insert measures 36″…
  • Durable construction: This square fire pit rim is…
  • Easy to assemble: The metal fire pit liner…
  • Add a personal touch: The square fire pit liner…
  • Worry-free purchasing: Sunnydaze Decor backs its…

2. Diamond Fire Pit Campfire Ring

This fire pit is made of heavy-duty steel. It can go a long way and still last for years to come, unlike some other materials that break down with time or usage.

The Sunnydaze Diamond Fire Pit Campfire Ring comes in either 24 inches or 36 inches round diameters, so everyone has the perfect size option available!

There are also 12 inch high options as well if you need it taller than the standard height but don’t want to make your ring wider.

Having the option between these two sizes is very convenient because they both offer plenty of space inside and out for people to enjoy themselves during those cold winter months when snow covers everything outside – including all outdoor furniture (i.e.: chairs).

Sunnydaze Diamond 36-Inch Heavy-Duty Steel Fire Ring with Fire Poker
  • Great backyard fire pit: The fire pit measures 36″…
  • Heavy-duty construction: The backyard fire ring is…
  • Quality fire ring: The mesh design allows for…
  • Easy to assemble: Large campfire rim comes in 4…
  • Worry-free purchasing: Sunnydaze Decor backs its…

3. Pleasant Hearth OFW815FR Infinity Galvanized Fire Ring

Pleasant Hearth OFW815FR Infinity Galvanized Fire Ring is a MUST HAVE for your outdoor living space!

With a maximum BTU output of 30,000 and an adjustable flame height, this fire pit ring can accommodate any size gathering.

The real log set provides the perfect ambiance to entertain in style or simply relax next to.

This fire pit ring is super easy to install no necessary hardware is needed and does not require venting.

GHP Group Pleasant Hearth OFW815FR Infinity Galvanized fire Ring, Silver
1,647 Reviews
GHP Group Pleasant Hearth OFW815FR Infinity Galvanized fire Ring, Silver
  • Large wood capacity
  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • Silver color finish

4. Bond Manufacturing 52118 Scotts Valley 36″ Round Steel Fire Ring, Black

Bond Manufacturing’s fire rings are uniquely designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of outdoor living situations.

They’re available in round, square and rectangular shapes with diameters ranging from 18″ up to 48″.

These steel fire rings can be buried or surface mounted depending on your specific set-up, but they don’t require any assembly other than placing them where you want them.

The one exception is for their 36-inch models, which come complete with black powder-coated posts and bolts as well as galvanized hardware for mounting.

Their products are manufactured right here in California using American materials!

Bond Manufacturing 52118 Scotts Valley 36″ Round Steel Fire Ring, Black
  • This solid steel 4-piece Scott’s Valley Fire…
  • Mesh between the vertical 100% steel stripes adds…
  • Includes a solid 22” steel poker, to maintain…
  • There is no base surface within the circle of…
  • The fire ring is 36” Diameter, and 12” High…

5. Doniks Fire Pit Ring 42 inches Outside / 36 inches Inside

Fire Pit Ring 42 inches Outside Diameter by Doniks is a ring made of high-quality steel. It has a diameter of 42 inches and can be used at home for cooking or as an outdoor fire pit ring in your yard.

The company offers this product with no required assembly, so you just have to unpack it from its box when it arrives on your doorstep.

You will also find that there are two handles on both sides which makes transportation easy if you decide to move it around often.

Furthermore, all edges are rounded off to protect anyone who comes into contact with them (especially children)

Doniks Fire Pit Ring 42 inches Outside / 36 inches Inside Diameter Heavy 2mm Metal Steel Ring-DIY...
309 Reviews
Doniks Fire Pit Ring 42 inches Outside / 36 inches Inside Diameter Heavy 2mm Metal Steel Ring-DIY…
  • 【Large Space For Wood Fire.】- The diameter of…
  • 【Durable Solid Steel Construction.】- The 2mm…
  • 【Easy To Assemble.】- The 4-piece fireplace kit…
  • 【Build Your Own Fire Pit.】- Can be used as a…
  • 【Wide Application.】 This transportable &…

Does A Fire Pit Need a Ring Insert?

A fire pit ring insert is a word that gets thrown around often, but what does it actually mean? A lot of people assume they need one because their firepit comes with an opening.

The truth is there’s really no point in using one as the flames will just go up and out over the top of your fireplace grate.

They can also be dangerous if you have kids or pets who like to get close to things!

If you’re worried about ash getting in and making a mess then use tinfoil for protection.

Fire pits can generate temperatures of over 1000℉. These high heat levels are corrosive and break down masonry quickly.

You’ll spend less (in both time and money) by making a relatively small investment in your fire pit upfront.

Choosing The Right Fire Pit Ring and Insert
A Good size Fire Ring Insert

What Is A Good Size For A Fire Pit Ring Insert?

A good size for a fire pit ring insert is going to depend on what type of fire pit you have, but these guidelines will help you decide.

Commercially available fire pit rings inserts range from 24 to 46 inches in diameter, but you can request a custom-size insert from any custom metal manufacturer.

When purchasing a fire pit ring insert, remember that the measurement is for the inner diameter. This is different from the edge of the lip.

So when you’re looking at manufacturing a fire pit ring, get measurements for all three dimensions – height/outer rim thickness, outer edge length (to match your stone), and inner diameter.

The smallest dimension will be what’s important on firepit rings when measuring them to find ones that match your fire pit size.

TIP: If You are building your own fire pit do not start construction for your fire pit without first planning everything out. First, pick which type of fire pit insert you want then build your fire pit with those specifications in mind.

How Much Does A Fire Ring Insert Cost?

The price range for fire pit ring inserts is between $50 and $250. However, there are models that go well above the norm.

For the majority of fire pit inserts, there is not much difference in price. However, spending a little more can make a huge change in your purchase.

How to Choose the Best Fire Pit Insert for You

Fire pits represent a way to enjoy the outdoors in an easy, affordable, and fun manner.

If you’re looking for convenience, ease of installation, or even ambiance while enjoying your fire pit with friends and family, there are some features that will make it easier than ever before.

These outdoor fire pit inserts can be installed into existing masonry fire pits to create a beautiful focal point for any backyard setting.

These units come in different styles and sizes so they’ll work within any budget as well as designing needs!

Here is My Top Fire Pit Inserts Based On Size, Quality and Price

Top 5 Fire Pit Inserts

1. Karpevta Fire Pit Ring 35x32x7.8 inches with Cooking Grill

The Karpevta Fire Pit Ring is a must-have for any outdoor activity. This fire pit ring has an elegant design that will make your guests feel at home and relaxed when they are sitting around the campfire.

The coated steel material prolongs durability, while also being able to withstand cold weather during winter months or hot temperatures in summer heatwaves.

In addition, this firepit comes with two cooking grates that can be used for different purposes – one of them being placed on top so you can cook food over the open flame!

You don’t have to worry about sparks since these grates are designed to not produce sparks, meaning they’ll keep your campsite safe from fires caused by flying embers landing on dry leaves or other combustible materials.

Karpevta Fire Pit Ring 35x32x7.8 inches with Cooking Grill Fire Ring Insert for Fire Pits DIY…
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION—Made of sturdy 1.2″/3mm…
  • LARGE DIAMETER— The diameter of this fire pit…
  • EASY TO INSTALL —4-piece ring insert kit…
  • GREAT FOR DIY USING — Surround the liner with…
  • WIDE APPLICATION— This solid campfire ring is…

2. Ryan Fire Pit Ring 36-Inch Outer/30-Inch Inner Diameter Fire Pit Insert 3.0mm

The Ryan fire pit ring is 36 inches in diameter and includes a metal frame with a protective coating.

The fire pit can be used for outdoor cooking as well, providing you have an appropriate grill grate.

This product has been rated four stars out of five by Amazon customers who say that it looks great on their balcony or patio.

They also love being able to cook home-cooked meals while taking advantage of the nice weather outside.

One customer even says this was worth purchasing since her last two regular grills broke down during the summer months when she most wanted them!

Ryan Fire Pit Ring 36-Inch Outer/30-Inch Inner Diameter Fire Pit Insert 3.0mm Thick Heavy Duty Solid…
  • ⭐【STURDY CONSTRUCTION】- Made of thickened…
  • ⭐【DIY CREATIVITY】 – You can use your DIY…
  • ⭐【LARGE DIAMETER】- 36 x 30 x 10 Inch. The…
  • ⭐【EASY INSTALLATION】- Comes with a…
  • ⭐【WIDE APPLICATION】- It can be used…

3. Pleasant Hearth OFW421FR Square Solid Steel Fire Ring

The OFW421FR is a square fire ring that is made of steel and has a capacity of up to 100 pounds. The whole thing weighs around 61 pounds, so it’s relatively easy to install.

The rings measure 41″ x 41″, providing plenty of space for friends and family members to gather around the flames while they roast marshmallows or share their favorite memories from childhood.

It’s not just a fire pit. It’s an outdoor fireplace that can be used year-round!

Pleasant Hearth OFW421FR 36″ Solid Steel Square Fire Ring
  • 36″ Squared, 10″ deep
  • Durable, solid steel constrction
  • Can be used as an insert for a brick surround (not…
  • Black finish
  • 41.50″L x 41.50″W x 10″H

4. Sunnydaze Octagon Fire Ring Insert for Patio or Camping 38 inch

The Sunnydaze Octagon Fire Ring Insert for Patio or Camping is made of heavy-duty black steel.

It features an octagonal fire ring with double-sided mesh to help contain the ashes from your campfire.

The insert includes two cooking grates that can be placed on either side, so you can cook anything over your fire pit including hotdogs, burgers, sausages, marshmallows, and more!

This also allows you to use this as a grill in addition to using it for its intended function of containing your campsite fires.

Sunnydaze 2.2mm Thick Steel Above-/In-Ground Octagon Fire Pit Insert - 38 Inches W
149 Reviews
Sunnydaze 2.2mm Thick Steel Above-/In-Ground Octagon Fire Pit Insert – 38 Inches W
  • Right size for cozy bonfire: It has an overall 38″…
  • Heavy-duty durable construction: The metal fire…
  • Easy to assemble fire ring: The DIY wood-burning…
  • Landscape the edges of the ring: The outside fire…
  • Worry-free purchasing: Sunnydaze Decor backs its…

5. Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring/Liner 36 inch

The Sunnydaze 36 inch fire pit ring/liner is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain outdoors.

This product has an attractive design that will make your backyard feel like the ultimate getaway!

The liner can be easily installed, and it comes with a spark guard as well as safety mesh so you don’t have to worry about stray embers or sparks flying into your house while cooking on this outdoor appliance.

You won’t need any tools to install this item at all – just simply unroll it over the top of the firepit (or around it if there are no rocks), and place stones on top for some extra weight!

It also features holes in each corner which allows airflow beneath its surface so when you’re cooking, the fire doesn’t get too smoky.

Sunnydaze 2mm Thick Steel Fire Pit Ring Insert - DIY Above or In-Ground Liner - 46-Inch Outer...
405 Reviews
Sunnydaze 2mm Thick Steel Fire Pit Ring Insert – DIY Above or In-Ground Liner – 46-Inch Outer…
  • Great size for gatherings: This steel fire pit…
  • Durable construction: This heavy-duty fire pit…
  • Easy to assemble: This large 4-piece metal fire…
  • Add a personal touch: This ring can be used as an…
  • Worry-free purchasing: Sunnydaze Decor backs its…

FAQ About Fire pit Rings And Inserts

What do you put at the bottom of a fire pit ring?

Use lava rocks or lava glass beads as a filler in your fire pit. They are more durable than other materials and less likely to spark or explode at high temperatures.

Are fire pit rings safe?

Yes, they are. But Fire pit rings can be dangerous when they get too hot. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission that there were over 5,300 injuries related to fire pits or outdoor heaters in 2017—nearly triple the number reported in 2008.

How thick should a fire pit ring be?

When making a fire pit ring, most people find that steel sheets are sufficient. You will need a sheet of steel to line the inside and outside of the pit ring.

This should be around 1 inch in thickness, though preferences vary among users.

Is galvanized steel safe for fire pit?

Yes. A galvanized fire pit can be safe as long as it’s used according to directions, outside only, and in an area with good ventilation.

What is the best height for a fire pit?

The best height for an above-ground fire pit is 12-14 inches.

This is a few inches shorter than standard patio seat height and will be comfortable to sit on the edge of the fire pit, or up to 18-20 inches tall if you want people who are seated on the ground nearby to be able to look over it.


Choosing the right fire pit ring and insert is essential to ensure that your outdoor living space can be enjoyed all year round.

A good quality fire pit should allow you to cook, entertain, and enjoy a warm evening with friends or family.

We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision when it comes time for you to purchase a new one!

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