[ANSWER] Can You Put Patio Furniture On Grass?



Patio furniture is a great way to add life and color to your outdoor space. The right patio set can make the difference between having an enjoyable experience outdoors or not.

Patio sets are also very affordable when compared with other types of furniture for the yard such as decking materials and landscaping so they make sense financially too.

In this article I will cover Can You Put Patio Furniture On Grass and Why You Can’t Put Patio Furniture On Grass.

Can You Put Patio Furniture On Grass?

No, patio furniture is not intended to have direct contact with the ground. If you place the furniture directly on a lawn or other ground surface, it will become damaged in a short time.

If patio furniture is placed directly on any form of grass, the tilting and twisting of the seating may cause damage to the material over time. Some materials are soluble in water, especially if left exposed to sunlight.

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Here Are the reasons why you cannot put patio furniture on grass:

Furniture will get damaged

The first, and most obvious reason is the patio furniture will get ruined by water damage.

No matter how many times you wipe it off or store it inside, once there is water from the rain you can have no guarantee that your outdoor furniture will stay waterproof for the long term.

Furniture to be used on grass must have a hard surface such as stone or paving slabs, and should never be placed directly on wood or concrete; namely, because these materials will absorb water from the lawn and cause it to rot over time.

Another concern is that if you place your patio furniture in your yard or garden, chances are insects such as spiders may build their nests inside and underneath the furniture.

This can be very dangerous especially for children who usually play on the ground near these areas.

Studies have shown that spiders also tend to make any place it builds its nest as its habitat which makes some people believe that if ever it leaves, another one would take its place resulting in an increased number of spider population close by your home.

Grass is Uneven

If you’ve ever sat on furniture on an uneven surface, you’re familiar with this problem.

This is exacerbated by the chairs that you keep in the grassy area. Despite the wide feet, you should be aware that most outdoor chairs are made of PVC or acrylic.

It won’t be long before brown patches appear around these areas, and within a few days, the grass will be completely dead.

Patio furniture will damage the grass

Once a large amount of dirt and grass is flattened by furniture, they will turn into unfertile land where grass can no longer grow.

If this is done repeatedly throughout many years, our lawns could end up useless. Since we spend so much time outside in spring enjoying the fresh air, it would be unfortunate if we ended up ruining our environment.

The legs of the tables and chairs will sink into the ground, crushing the grass and even uprooting some of the surrounding plants. When you take the outdoor furniture off the ground, you will clearly see where the legs dug into the ground.

How To Put Patio Furniture On Grass

There are a few simple things that must be considered when moving patio furniture to the grass, and it’s important to note that they will not last as long or remain as comfortable on the grass as they would in their original location.

Protect The Grass

Use things like pavers, wooden boards, or plastic sheets to put on to the grass. Remember to remove it all after you are done otherwise it will let the grass die.

Wooden Boards

Does the previously discussed solution appear to be a bit too time-consuming? There are simpler solutions available.

That is if you don’t mind the appearance. The wooden board is an alternative that may be less appealing to the eye. Purchase some of it, place it beneath the furniture that you want to place on the grass, and you’re done.

Use Outdoor Flooring

There are numerous outdoor flooring options available, and which one you choose is usually a matter of personal preference.

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Bare Decor BARE-WF2009 Solid Teak Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles

This outdoor flooring solution is both attractive and long-lasting. It’s made of teak, so you know it’ll last a long time. Simply place these interlocking tiles beneath your patio furniture and you’re done.

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak

Can You Put Patio Furniture On Artificial Grass?

A lot of people enjoy spending time outdoors, especially on their back porch or deck. However, many people also have patios and decks outfitted with synthetic or artificial grass surfaces instead of wood.  

This can be a valid option to make sure that the surface is comfortable for bare feet and is not slippery when it gets wet.

One big concern when placing furniture outdoors and on top of synthetic turf, in particular, is that if the furniture sinks into the carpet it can potentially damage it over time.

Can You Put Patio Furniture On Artificial Grass? No, This could cause rips or tears in high traffic areas as people may miss tiny changes in level and trip over them.

Some other potential issues from sinking are warping if the furniture is made of wood or for synthetic materials having their coating come off over time.

How do I keep my patio furniture from sinking in my yard and grass?

To avoid your patio from sinking in the ground, you can use anything that is solid like wooden boards or pavers.


Purchase (cheap) patio pavers. This will provide you with stable chairs, but you will still need to maintain the grass and move the chairs at least once a week.

Interlocking Floor Tiles

Floor tiles like these (link) have a regal appearance while also being an excellent solution for keeping your chairs from sinking.

This is a more expensive option, but if your outdoor space requires an ambiance that the other options do not, it is your best bet.

Use Plastic Sheets

Use a plastic sheet to cover the grass will prevent your patio furniture from sinking in the grass.


Patio furniture can be used on grass, but the material and construction of the pieces will affect how they perform.

For example, wood is more likely to rot when it sits in a damp area for extended periods of time.

Plastic or metal patio furniture may not rust as much if left outside because these materials are less prone to corrosion than steel.

If you want your outdoor living space to have a modern look that’s still durable enough for use outdoors, consider aluminum or wrought iron patio furniture instead since those types of metals don’t corrode easily with moisture as stainless steel does!

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