Can You Burn Pallet Wood In a Fire Pit?



Can You Burn Pallet Wood In a Fire Pit?

There are many reasons why you might want to burn pallet wood in a fire pit. Maybe you have some old, unused pallets that need to be disposed of now before they start accumulating.

Or maybe you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep warm this winter without having to spend much money on fuel or logs. Whatever the reason, there is one question that needs answering first.

We will go over what pallets are safe to burn and which are not. Let’s get started.

Can You Burn Pallet Wood In a Fire Pit?

Yes, you can burn pallet wood in a fire pit, but only untreated lumber which means they have not been treated with chemicals or paint.

The only concern you may encounter when burning pallet wood is the possibility that someone has used an unknown chemical on the boards.

Pallet wood is not meant for fire pits because it may cause a lot of smoke or send out sparks that can damage your fir pit itself, as well as catch nearby items on fire.

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No matter how much you clean the pallets before burning them in your pit, there will still be bits and pieces of nails sticking up everywhere which are extremely dangerous to burn with logs…especially if children are around!

While some people choose to use their own judgment when deciding whether they want to burn pallets at home, we suggest always using approved wood for any type of outdoor fireplace.

This way nobody gets hurt and you don’t have to deal with potential messes later on down the line!

Can You Burn Pallet Wood In a Fire Pit?

Is Pallet Wood Toxic?

Pallets are made from different types of timber and can contain toxic chemicals that may be released when burned.

Although some manufacturers claim they have treated their pallets with flame-retardant chemicals, you should always assume your wooden pallets are not safe to use as fuel without checking each one individually.

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There are two primary concerns when finding out if pallet wood is safe or not. First, it has to do with the type of chemicals that were used in the manufacturing process, and second, any sort of residue remaining on the board after its use.

If you plan on using pallets for your project, you need to make sure they don’t contain harmful toxins like lead.

And even though traces may be left behind once a product is no longer being used there are some methods that can help remove them easily.

That way both kids and adults will have an enjoyable experience without worrying about these health hazards!

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How Do You Know If Pallet Wood Is Safe To Burn?

The following guidelines are to help wood users know for sure if the pallet they have is safe or unsafe or has been treated with dangerous chemicals that would likely be harmful when burned as fuel in a stove/fireplace etc.

It helps them avoid burning hazardous waste – which can also harm their health and pollute our environment!

Can You Burn Pallet Wood In a Fire Pit?

Pallets are only considered ‘safe’ if it has the NPPO/IPPC logo according to NPPO/IPPC standards (as long as there’s no evidence of chemical treatment)

More companies are starting to build one-time-use pallets or using heat treatment rather than Methyl Bromide fumigation.

Pallets now require an IPPC logo which certifies that the pallet was heat-treated or fumigated with Methyl Bromide.

The standard is a 2 letter country code (xx), a unique number (000) assigned by the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO), HT for Heat Treatment or MB for Methyl Bromide, and DB to signify debarked.

The logo in the first image shows that it was produced in the U.S., the material was provided by 11187 (Unique number assigned to the producer), it was heat-treated (HT) and was verified by PRL (Package Research Laboratory)

What Happens If You Burn Treated Pallets?

When pallets are treated, they’re often coated in chemicals that may cause health problems.

A study by the US Department of Health and Human Services found that burning these types of wood releases dangerous amounts of toxins into the air including benzene which is a known carcinogen with no safe exposure level.

This means you should only burn untreated pallets if at all possible or better yet, reuse them for your next DIY project!

Can Burning Pallet Wood In A Fire Pit Make You Sick?

Yes. There are many different ways that you can get sick from burning pallet wood, but the most common illness is respiratory allergies.

When someone comes into contact with certain particles in a fire pit they will have an allergic reaction to them and will become ill.

If you do not know what has been used on your pallets or if there is any chemical residue left on them then it could make people who come near your fire pit very sick.

Even though some of these chemicals may be burned off while being lit, they still exist within the structure of each piece of lumber which makes breathing difficult for those around it when inhaled through smoke inhalation.

Inhaling too much smoke at one time can cause serious damage to one’s health as well so always be careful when it comes to burning pallets in a fire pit.

Can I Use EPAL Pallets To Burn In My Fire Pit?

The main issue with burning EPAL pallets in a fire pit is the chemicals used to treat them. These are toxic, and when they burn they could be very dangerous for anyone who happens to breathe the smoke.

It may seem easy enough just to throw some of these pallets into your bonfire or lawn fire pit without ever thinking about how safe they actually are because there doesn’t appear to be anything risky about them at first glance; after all, thousands of companies ship their products around the globe.

But Pallets stamped “MB” should never be burned on a fire.


No, you should not burn pallet wood in an outdoor fire pit. Pallets are made out of untreated lumber and may contain chemicals or other toxins that will release into the air when burned.

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