[8 TIPS] Prevent Patio Furniture From Being Stolen!!!


How To Prevent Patio Furniture From Being Stolen

It’s the middle of winter and you’ve just finished your dinner on the patio. You’re ready to go inside but something catches your eye: The two chairs that were next to you are gone!

Your heart sinks as you realize it wasn’t a dream, they have been stolen. This is not an uncommon scenario for many homeowners who leave their furniture outside during the colder months so they can enjoy them in warmer weather.

But what can be done? Here are some tips for preventing patio furniture from being stolen.

How To Prevent Patio Furniture From Being Stolen?

Patio furniture is something that many people take for granted. They do not realize how much they are worth or the protection necessary to prevent theft.

I will give you some tips on how to protect your patio chairs, tables, grill, and other items from becoming stolen goods.

1. Install Security Cameras

Your first line of defense should be a security camera. These can range in price and quality, but you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for one that will serve its purpose.

A simple surveillance cam like this one is all you really need: it’s easy to install (with no wires or cables), has motion detection alerts, records audio too, includes night vision capability so you’ll be able to see who the thief is even when they’re working under cover of darkness.

And best yet? It comes with free cloud storage! If your patio furniture is out front by the road where people drive by frequently then definitely invest in a video doorbell as well – just remember not to place it ground level because that makes it easy for thieves to spot.

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2. Padlock

Put a padlock on the legs so they can’t be detached from the table or chair frame – this is one way to prevent thieves from stealing your furniture when they see an opportunity!

Keep in mind that there are some types of patio sets, like those with a wicker base, which can be broken if you use the wrong type of lock.

It’s surprising how often people leave their belongings out without any sort of lock at all. If there isn’t a fence surrounding your yard, then you need to place locks around everything just so no one can pick up an end table or chair and walk away with it!

Go over each piece of furniture thoroughly to make sure that everything is locked down.

3. House Sitter

If you have a neighbor or friend who would be willing to keep an eye on your home, then ask them if they’d mind staying over for a few days.

This way, no one will know that you’re away and it’ll give thieves less time to break in and steal your patio furniture.

4. Get Dogs

Once you’ve invested in patio furniture, it’s hard to let go of the idea that perhaps anyone who comes by might want to take your prized possessions. The best way to stop this is with a couple of good dogs.

Not only will they bark at strangers coming up on your property, but thieves are less likely to come near if there are any signs of life inside…

Your dogs should be trained enough so that they bark when someone reaches your fence.

5. Install Lights/Lasers Around The Fence Line

This is one of the best ways to prevent theft from happening around your home at all times during day and night.

Thieves don’t want their faces seen on camera by police officers once they realize there are lights up everywhere throughout the yard, especially lasers because those show where whoever is standing within seconds after they’re tripped.

Install Motion Sensor Lights. If you don’t already have motion sensor lights installed, then this is the best way to prevent someone from coming near your patio.

These are great for yards that aren’t fenced in because they automatically turn on when something moves past them. This should deter anyone who would try to break into your home or steal anything outside of it!

6. Sinage

You can never go wrong with having signs around your property. You must take every precaution necessary to keep thieves away, and this includes putting up a security sign in front of your home. Smile you are on camera or a Sign of a dog can go a long way.

7. Higher Fence

If anyone can see your furniture, then they can most likely get to it. Make sure that you have a tall fence around the perimeter of your patio so no one else can easily access anything on there.

8. Cushion Storage Box

Patio furniture isn’t the only thing that can be stolen. If you have expensive cushions or pillows, they could also become a target for thieves.

To avoid this from happening, store them in an outdoor storage box with a lid so no one will want to steal your items. The plastic cover won’t let rain get into the cushion and there is enough room even if it gets wet inside because of foggy weather conditions or sprinklers!

Also included are wheels on each side of the product which makes moving around very easy! These boxes come in various sizes depending on how many cushions you need to keep away from prying eyes.

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Does Patio Furniture Get Stolen?

Yes. Theft of high-end patio furniture is all too frequent, which comes as a surprise to many.

A recent tale detailed a man who stole over $5,000 in outdoor furnishings. Take photographs to ensure that insurance will cover the loss if anything happens.

Patio furniture is not particularly expensive, but it can be a hassle to replace if something happens.

Many people don’t even think of this possibility until they come home one day and see that their patio set has been stolen!

There are ways you can protect your outdoor furnishings from being taken by thieves so you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

What to Do if Someone Steals Your Patio Furniture?

If your patio furniture is stolen, you should report the crime to the police and fill out a police report. Anything worth more than $500 in most jurisdictions is regarded as a felony, and it isn’t taken lightly.

If you have security cameras you can use that in aid to help you in identifying the thief.


If you want to prevent your patio furniture from being stolen, then follow the advice in this article.

Hope you learned about some of the best anti-theft techniques that can be used for most types of outdoor seating and tables.

With these strategies, you won’t have to worry about losing any items after dark anymore!

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    The police DO NOT take a theft seriously! We had 4 tables and 16 chairs, and 4 planters stolen from our restaurant over a month ago, We have the person on video, took a screenshot and I made a police report , yet NO ONE has even so much as called me to further investigate the theft.

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